The Best Kids Bath Bombs!  |  MiniU review 

What is it with kids and bath bombs these days? If your child is anything like mine (I’m taking about Pickle here not Smidge) then you will know what I am talking about. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shared my lush stash with him. I have even brought him his own stuff from lush before but at £4 sometimes £5 for just one bath bomb it can get very expensive. I started looking for alternatives and that is when I found the amazing MiniU.

I made my first purchase from MiniU back in December of last year and I was blown away by their products and the value for money. First let’s talk about the range of products as they are so much more than just bath bombs. They do bubble bath that changes the colour of your water. Lovely Bubbly Coloured Bubble Bath £3.40...and the bottle is HUGE. We got at least 25 baths out of ours. They also do water colour changing tablets which are a steal at £1.95 for 9 and 1 tablet is enough to change a whole bath. The Fizzy Plops Bath colour tablets come as a single pack of 9 or you can get a multi pack of 3 packets for £7.95.

The next thing I want to mention is the value for money when it comes to the products, especially the bath bomb. The bath bombs come in a range of colours and all colour the bath water. They are only £1.95 each (you can get bundles that have more bombs in for a discounted price) and they all come with a hidden surprise. As the bath bomb dissolves it reveals a hidden sponge. The little sponges come in loads of different shapes from rabbits to stars and Pickle loves collecting them and sticking them along the side of the bath to see which ones he has. It’s something so small but he really does love it.
The collection is huge! MiniU are so much more than just bath bombs and colour changing fun. They have a huge range of hair care goodies from brushes to conditioners and also hairstyling products and a skincare range, all aimed at the little loves in our lives. The greatest thing about the entire range that MiniU offers is that the collection is SLS/SLES and paraben free to help protect your little ones skin and hair.  What more could you want???

We love MiniU and would highly reccomend it if you have a little one who loves a colourful and fun bath. If you want to try the range out then you can use my discount code to get a whopping 20%! Just head to the MiniU website here and type in Miniu20% at checkout!
Note - some of these products where sent to us but I have purchased from this company independently before and all opinions are honest and my own. 

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