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When you have a baby you know that at some point you will have to “baby proof” your home. Whilst I was pregnant I didn’t really think about the safety of the house as Smidge was going to be immobile for at least a few months as they don’t start to crawl until about 9 months or so. However, what I didn’t think about was how I would actually need a safety gate as soon as Smidge was born and not for the baby... for the puppy! 
If you have read my blog for a while then you will know that we have a cockerpoo called Maisie who is the soppiest yet most excitable dog. Hubby and I had been speaking whilst I was pregnant about how we needed to think about making sure the baby stayed safe around Maisie. Ultimately she is a dog and no matter how much we trust her I would never want to leave her alone with a baby as you just never know.

Luckily Saftey 1st was on hand with the perfect saftey gate to solve my problems. The gate we were sent is a pressure gate which meant that we didn’t have to drill into the walls or cause any damage to the door frame. You can also purchase separate extenders that will make the stair gate bigger so they will fit most door ways and door frames. We have placed our gate across quite a wide door way where our lounge meets our kitchen. This means that Maisie can still stay in the kitchen and go outside to the garden but it means if I need to pop to the loo or go grab some nappies, I can leave Smidge in his swing or Moses basket and close the gate knowing that he is safe in the lounge.

There is so much about this gate which makes it superior to other saftey gates that we’ve tried before.  Features of this particular saftey gate include -
  • Ergonomic handle design which means you can open the gate with just one hand. Perfect for me as I’m either carring one of the boys or something for one of them. 
  • A coloured indicator that shows you if the gate is locked.
  • A super thin step over bar that is only 1.1cm thick. This is so important for us as I can’t tell you how many times Pickle has managed to trip over previous gates we’ve had. This time it is pretty much impossible for him to trip over! 
  • Easy to use hand wheels for instillation and to restore pressure if the gate is pushed too hard or is moved. 
All of that for just £30 as well!! As I have mentioned above we were sent this gate but I would honestly recommend it as it has been the best one we have tried before. So much so that we have actually ordered one to go across the top of our stairs as our current one is a bit naff.
You can grab your own Saftey 1st pressure gate by clicking here.
Note - we were sent this item for review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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