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When you have a baby you know what you need...cot, nappies, baby monitor...all of the things that you see in magazines and lists on the internet. Since having Smidge it got me thinking about the other things that you need when you have a newborn that you wouldn’t normally think of. So I thought I’d share with you today my unusual list. 

1. A Netflix subscription -

In those first few new born weeks you will be doing a lot of snuggling with a newborn which is so wonderful but after watching day time TV for the fifth day in a row, can get a little tedious. We have a Netflix subscription and it has been invaluable in these last few weeks. I’ve watched all the things I’ve been meaning to watch for ages and been binge watching new series that I’ve found. It’s not only great in the day time either! I pop it on the iPad in the night when I’m feeding to stop me falling to sleep! It’s been worth its weight in gold! 

2. A cabbage -

This one may sound strange but trust me!! When your milk is coming in during your first few days there is no better relief than a cold cabbage leaf in your bra. Don’t believe me? Just try it! 

3. Sharpies -

I use a sharpie pretty much every single day! I use one to write on the milk bags and record how much milk I’ve expressed. I use it on the Tupperware lids to remind me what left overs I’m putting away and when they were cooked. They are just so convenient and easy as they dry instantly so don’t smudge, you can write on pretty much anything and it is permentant. They are also super cheap if you get them from the right place. I brought mine from Office Stationary and they were a steal!! 

4. Stick on heat pads -

Once you have given birth it can feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. Everything hurts and this time round I found that my back was especially painful. The stick on heat pads are perfect as I can stick one on and not have to worry about it moving around or coming off whilst I’m snuggling/feeding/changing Samuel. 

5. Coconut oil -

This stuff is a god send! You can use it on pretty much everything and when it comes to babies it’s amazing. You can use it on cradle cap and dry skin and as it is a natural oil it is perfect as it won’t irritate baby like some products do. This stuff has become pretty popular recently so you can also get it from anywhere now too. 

Note - this is a collaborative post 

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