Things I wish I’d known before starting Breastfeeding  |  Blog

When I started Breastfeeding Smidge as part of our Combi feeding journey I thought I knew what I was doing. I mean it’s the most natural thing in the world so how hard could it be? Surely you just put baby to your boob, check the latch and feed away. How very wrong I was!!
Breastfeeding comes with a whole host of stuff that you need to consider and a whole load of different ways of doing it. There are so many different tools you can use, so many different sources of information (that you’ll only find if you know or are told) and so many different things to consider. This got me thinking about how much easier my journey would have been if I would have known some of the things I know now 3 months ago when we started this. I can’t be alone in this lack of knowledge and information so I figured I’d share it on here in the hope that it may help any mums to be or new mums on their journey.

1. As hard as it is, the first 2 weeks are so important. 
I pumped for the first 3 weeks of Smidges life because he wouldn’t latch on. The midwifes and health visitors didn’t really seem to concerned, probably because he was still getting breastmilk, but I didn’t understand the impact it would have on my supply by getting him to the breast so late. Those first couple of weeks are so important to establish your supply and even though it can be exhausting and mind numbing when you are feeding at all hours of the day and night it is worth it in the long run. I regret not trying to put Smidge on the boob more as I can see the impact it has had on my milk.
2. Everyone is different 
When I first got Smidge to latch on I found myself comparing what we were doing to everyone else but I have learned very quickly that everyone is so different. When I’m feeding Smidge the other boob doesn’t leak. I don’t have milk squirting out of my nipples like some people do. I don’t have to wear breastpads as my boobs don’t leak. All of this made me panic that I wasn’t doing things right or that breastfeeding wasn’t working for us but I shouldn’t have worried. All that it means is that people are different so if you find your journey is going differently to what you think should be “normal” then don’t worry.
3. Find your sources 
There is so much amazing breastfeeding advice out there when you know where to look. I have been sent so many links and web pages and Facebook groups, NONE of which I would have known about if it wasn’t for social media and my blog. I’ll pop some of the sites I found really useful down below but I’d also reccomend searching on Facebook for your local La Leche League and also see if there are any local Facebook groups or physical group you can join for support.
4. Don’t stop learning. 
Just when I think I know what I am doing something else pops up or new support becomes available. It honest feels like I’m always learning when I’m breastfeeding and that’s okay. When I started our journey 3 months ago I had no clue about all the different positions or the different suckles that babies have and what they mean... I feel like I’m always learning and that is good because it is just helping me. Be inquisitive, ask questions about feeding to your friends, family and professionals. Just because you’re questioning doesn’t mean you’re failing, it means you’re learning and making your journey easier and better.
5. Social media is your friend. 
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been a godsend to me throughout my breastfeeding journey. Yes, you may come across trolls whose main aim is to be a moron but social media gives breastfeeding women a platform to connect and share. Middle of the night and you’re stuck in a vicious circle of a cluster feed? I guarantee that someone else out there is doing the same thing and they are feeling as lonely and as isolated as you. Put a picture or status on social media and I’m sure someone will see if and let you know you aren’t on your own. It’s also the perfect place to ask the questions you wouldn’t want to ask someone face to face. Does my nipple look okay? Is this normal? Thanks to social media you can connect with so many mother’s and pull experience from all of them without having to leave your bed!
I honestly believe that if I would have known these things 3 months ago then our journey would have run a lot smoother and we would have got to the happy, contented place that we are now so much quicker. I really hope this helps and as always if you have any questions then feel free to ask.


To the First Time Mum...  |  Blog

Before I had Pickle I was a full time bank manager who went out on date nights with my husband, saw my friends, did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and was totally independent and free. I was confident in my body, my mind and my life. I had a place and knew my role at home, at work and socially. Then I had Pickle. My life was turned upside down, shaken around and then given back to me. Suddenly I was a mother and my whole life revolved around this tiny baby that I loved with an overwhelming and almighty love. I was at home every single day with my baby and could go for days without talking to anyone other than my husband when he came home from work. I had to plan where I wanted to go and when I wanted to go there around feeds and naps. My husband would come home and immediately take over parenting duties so I could get our house in some kind of order meaning that we were become like ships in the night. Friends that I’d had before started to slip away as I forgot to reply to messages or had to turn down invitations out as I was too exhausted to consider being out past 9pm. My post baby body felt alien to me and I lost my confidence. I felt lost, alone and overwhelmed in this new role that I knew was coming but yet I felt totally under prepared for. 

I remember what my weeks used to be like when Pickle was a baby. Tuesday and Friday were the days that I lived for. Tuesday was baby weighing day and I’d meet another mum there that I’d started to speak to and we’d get the babies weighed, then stay at the children’s centre for a stay and play. Then on Fridays we would go to the same children’s centre for a stay and play. For those 6 hours a week I found a small part of me that I thought I’d lost. For those short 6 hours I was Ami again. I chatted about things other than babies, I drank coffee and most importantly I didn’t feel alone or lost. But when it would be time to go home, I wouldn’t want to go. I’d leave the children’s centre and take the LONGEST route home that I could. A journey that should have taken 15 minutes would take me 40 because I would drive all around until I came back. At the time I told myself it was so that Pickle could sleep in the car but in reality it was so that I didn’t have to go back home and face my new, lonely life. 

The worst part of this was that I thought I was a bad person for feeling the way I did. I didn’t tell anyone how I felt because I thought they would see me as ungrateful or selfish. I didn’t even tell my husband or Mum. Why should I be feeling lonely and lost? I loved my baby more than life itself and he brought me so much joy and happiness. Snuggling in to him and breathing him in flooded me with a love that made my heart hurt. He was healthy and happy , we lived in lovely house, I had “friends” and a loving husband. All I could see what that I had a baby that needed me for everythingand  that I would give anything for but I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. I had a house that was a mess and that I wasn’t looking after, friends that might send me the occasional message but that I’d started to loose because I could invest in the relationship anymore and a husband that I barely spoke to about anything else other than our baby. 

Motherhood was a lonely place to be which was ironic as I was never alone. 

I felt like this until I went back to work when Pickle was 9 months old. Going back to work was so good for me because it helped me gain some sort of normality and a different purpose than just being a mother. I found Ami again and with that it made me a better Mum. I was happier, more confident and felt like I wasn’t alone anymore. Finally the lonely fog lifted and I could see how much of a rut I was in. 

I hadn’t told anyone about how I felt all of those years ago as I felt ashamed and embarrassed that I’d felt like I had. It was like a shameful secret that I’d kept for fear of being judged as a bad mother. A secret that I’d kept until recently. 

Having a second baby made me realise how lonely it is when you’re a first time Mum. You loose all sense of yourself and no matter how much you love and care for your new baby, you can be totally lost. You are adjusting to this new role that you’ve been thrown into all whilst trying to wade through a sea of hormones and emotions that you’ve probably never felt before and whilst trying to learn how to be a mother. But, know this... no matter how lonely you feel, remember that you are never alone. I’ve learnt that it wasn’t just me who didn’t want to come home, so many other mothers I know were the same... we just never talk about it because we are too embarrassed to. It’s not shameful or wrong to miss your old life and to find it hard toadjust  your new role and as hard as it may be I urge you to talk! Talk to your mum, your friends, people on social media... anyone because I know that if you do you will find that you aren’t alone in the way you feel. And that in itself will help you to find your way though. 


How to help your child adjust to a new baby  |  Blog 

On the 8th June 2018 Pickles life was turned upside down. We had done as much as we could by reading books and explaining things but I don’t think he was prepared for the reality of what was happening... 

He was no longer an only child! 

I’d had visions and nightmare of how it was going to be. On one hand I knew that Pickle was going to be an amazing big brother. He is always so kind, gentle and loving towards babies and I knew that he was going to protect his little brother with all his might. On the other hand I was nervous... would Pickle feel left out? Would I be able to spilt myself between two? Would Pickle hate his brother for taking me away from him? I’m pretty sure that all mums have these worries when they have a new baby and the majority of the time we worry about all this for nothing because we all just get on with it. We found that as loving and caring as Pickle was towards his little brother, the jealousy seemed to manifest itself in a different way. He had no resentment towards Smidge whatsoever BUT he suddenly because extremely loud and started to wake up at 5am and refuse to go back to sleep in his own room. We managed to sort these things out with a good old sticker chart but I also think that the things we did before Smidge was born and in the weeks straight after helped us to find a new normal family life pretty quickly and painlessly. Here is what we did - 

1. Prepare before hand.

Although preparing before will only get you so far, it is still good to do. It’s such a huge thing for your entire family that preparing before won’t cause any harm. We brought a book called “There’s a house inside mummy’s tummy” and we read it to Pickle quite a few times whilst I was pregnant. Not only did it prepare Pickle for what was to come, it helped him to understand why my belly was getting big, why I was being sick and why I was so tired. We brought ours from Amazon here and I’d definitely reccomend it if you’re pregnant as it was a great help. 

2. Buy something from the baby. 

I had a bit of a melt down whilst I was in labour because I felt so awful for Pickle. Smidge was born at 36 weeks so I felt like I hadn’t had enough time with Pickle just on his own and I had a real attack of mummy guilt. In between contractions I went to Amazon and ordered Pickle a present from Smidge that would be at home when we came home from the hospital. We brought Pickle a paw patrol toy that he had wanted for ages and when we got home we told him that the toy was a present from the baby to say thank you to him for sharing his mummy and daddy. This went down so well with Pickle and he still tells people to this day about his toy from Smidge. 

3. Be prepared for feeding time. 

Pickle is 3, almost 4 so he is pretty self sufficient but there are still somethings he can’t do himself like get a drink etc. Because of this it was so important that I made sure he had everything he needed before I sat down to start feeding Smidge because if I didn’t it would be THEN that he would need a drink or want a toy out that he couldn’t reach. So I made sure that before I started feeding Pickle had a drink, snack and any toys he’d want and I’d explain to him that I was about to feed Smidge so was there anything he wanted out before I started. This way I didn’t have to make him feel second best by tell him he had to wait or telling him no whilst I was feeding. 

4. Don’t make a fuss 

On the occasions where Pickle has played up we’ve tried to down play it as much as possible. We have watched what we say to him (so no saying “oh you’re being a baby like Smidge” or “ well look at Smidge, he’s being a good boy”) and tried to ignore any attention seeking behaviour. Then he knows that by being silly or loud or whatever he is doing, it isn’t going to get a reaction. 

5. Communicate

This can be hard, especially if you have younger children, but for us it worked. Pickle is at a stage where we can talk to him about things and he can understand and communicate back to us how he is feeling. This has really helped us because if I’ve had to do something for Smidge I am able to explain to Pickle what I am doing and why he has to wait. It works both ways though because the times where he is starting to play up, we can talk to him and he can tell us what’s wrong and what we can do to fix it. It’s so easy to forget to communicate especially when you’re trying to deal with a new baby but it’s so important. 

And there you have it. This is what helped us and I really hope it will help some of you out there. As always if you think I’ve missed anything or want to tell me what you did when bringing a new baby home then let me know in the comments. 


How I increased my milk supply  |  Blog 

If you follow me on social media you will know that I’ve recently had a bit of a tough time when it comes to breastfeeding and pumping for Smidge. My milk supply was dwindling and I wasn’t producing hardly anything. It had got to the point where I would wake up in the morning, express and get less than an ounce! I was expressing throughout the day, trying to feed Smidge on the boob when I could but nothing seemed to be working so I set about increasing my supply. I asked for help from all over and so many people gave me their advice. It’s now been almost 10 days since I started our new regime and so far it seems to be working as I’ve gone from waking up and getting less than an ounce off to pumping 3/4 oz at a time and being able to put Smidge in a milk coma from the boob! So many people have asked me to share what I have been doing. Some have asked for a video where as other have asked for a blog post and seeing as this is something I feel so passionate about I thought I’d do both :)

I also feel like I need to add that NONE of this is a paid or sponsored post. Everything that is in this post is what I have actually done and for me it has worked.

The video is down below and if you scroll down you should see the blog post underneath it.


The Best Newborn Baby Wipes  |  Blog

If you have a child that is over the age of 5 then you will probably remember a time when the only option for cleaning your newborn during nappy changes was cotton wool and warm water. It meant that nappy changes could be difficult, messy, not environmentally friendly and would take a long time! But, as with most things, over time it’s changed. Newborn wipes are now a “thing” and they make our lives so much easier! When Pickle was born back in 2014 newborn baby wipes were only just starting to emerge onto the market but now you will find that most brands have their own newborn wipes. Even though these kind of wipes aren’t recommend by midwives and health visitors etc, in reality they are a life saver! We’ve been trying out quite a few different brands recently so I thought I’d give you the low down on the best and worst newborn baby wipes. 

Please note that NONE of this is a paid review...all opinions are honest and my own and this isn’t a collaboration. I also know that there are other wipes available and I have only included these ones as these are the ones we have tired recently. 

Supermarket Brands - 

Tesco Loves Baby Pure Newborn Wipes 56 Pack - £0.65 - £0.01 each

To me these wipes are middle of the road. They aren’t amazing but then again they aren’t bad. I love the way they dispense as you only get one wipe at a time and it’s easy to do one handed. The wipes are nice and thick so you don’t feel like your need a lot of them and they are a brilliant price. The downfalls however is that they aren’t very “wet” which sometimes makes it hard to clean Smidge meaning I have to wipe the same spot a couple of times over. These wipes also have a few more additional ingredients unlike some others the others. 


Sainsbury’s Little Ones Newborn Wipes 64 pack - £0.60 - £0.01 each 

These wipes are amazing! Not only are they super cheap and feel nice and thick, they also come with a handy flip top so you only need one hand to open and only get one wipe at a time. They are perfectly moist. The wipes are not too wet that they leave baby wet but then again they are not too dry. They leave babies skin feeling soft and moisturised and clean so well that you only need a couple per nappy change. These wipes are so good that I am yet to find a negative!! 


Lidl Lupilu Newborn Baby Wipes 56 pack - £0.55 - £0.01 each 

Out of all of the wipes we have used these are the ones I would not repurchase. They are one of the cheapest on offer but I think that is reflected in the quality. They do have the flip top lid and are 98% water but they don’t feel wet enough therefore they do not clean well at all. The wipes also feel very thin which is NOT what you want when you are cleaning up a poonami! I didn’t like these wipes at all really and would definitely reccomend paying the 5p extra and getting the Sainsbury’s ones. 


Aldi Mamia Newborn Wipes 56 pack - £0.59 - £0.01 each 

I have alway loved the Aldi Mamia range and used it on Pickle when he was small so I had high hopes for these wipes. They are 98% water which is great and they had the flip top mechanism to stop the wipes drying out and to make sure you only get one wipe at a time. They aren’t the thickest wipes but then again are not flimsy and thin. The moisture level is good but not as good as others in my opinion. You also get less wipes in the pack than some of the others which is only a small thing but when the prices between supermarket brands are so close I think it makes a difference. Overall these wipes are good but in my opinion aren’t the best. 


The next few wipes that we’ve have tried are ones that you can buy from supermarkets but they are independent brands rather than supermarket own so you can also get them at places like Mothercare and Amazon. 

Water Wipes 60 pack - £2.70 - £0.05 each 

These wipes are the original newborn baby wipe and with 99.9% water they are one of the purest wipes on the market. They are very wet and sometimes can even feel a bit too wet but they are very thick and a good quality wipe. The obvious downside to these wipes is the price. At an eye watering 5p per wipe they feel like a luxury to me rather than an essential. They are also lacking the flip top lid which makes getting the wipes out with one hand very difficult. Overall they are good wipes but have poorly designed packaging for such a high price tag. 


Huggies Baby Wipes Newborn 56 pack - £1.25 - 0.2p each 

I have never been a fan of Huggies wipes as I’ve always found their original ones to be too thin and flimsy. I was willing to be open minded about their newborn wipes which are marginal thicker than the originals but still aren’t great. They have a good level of moisture but the wipe itself is really disappointing. They are fine for dealing with wet nappies but when it comes to dirty ones I worry that the poop would leak through as I’m cleaning. They also tend to come out in clumps rather than one wipe at a time. For the price I would expect a lot more as they aren’t the cheapest. 


Aqua wipes Biodegradable Newborn Baby Wipes 64 pack - £2.89 - £0.04 each 

These wipes are relatively new to the market and I have to say that I really like them. I was a bit skeptical at first as I was worried that because they are biodegradable they would be thin but they aren’t. They are a good thickness and are moist enough to clean well without leaving baby wet. The fact that they are biodegradable is a huge thing for me as I am becoming very aware of the impact nappies and wipes have on our environment. Any little thing that I can do to help, like buying biodegradable wipes, is a huge plus. The only downside with these wipes is that they don’t have a flip top lid. If they could put that on the packaging then these wipes would be perfect! 


There are quite a few really good wipes for newborns on the market at the moment but I think that my two favourites have to be Sainsbury’s Little ones for a budget brand and Aqua wipes for a more expensive yet environmentally friendly wipe. 

What do you think? Have I missed out any that you think are amazing? Let me know in the comments. 


Are we coming to the end of our Combi feeding journey??  |  Blog

If you have read my blog previously then you will know that I am currently Combi feeding my little baby Smidge. He is just over 2 months old so for the past 9 weeks I have been expressing, formula feeding and doing some straight from the boob feeding. It’s been a hard journey and one that we have had to go on for a number of reasons. But I can’t help but worry that our journey will soon be at an end... 

My milk supply is dwindling. A month ago I would pump first thing in the morning and get 4/5 ozs off. Now I am lucky if I get 2 and I have tried a few things (sporadically) to increase it. Oats, special cookies and smoothies, massage, power pumping... nothing is having a huge effect but I haven’t been too consistent with any of it. It’s helping me produce slightly more but not what Smidge needs. I’m told that the most effective way to increase your supply is to feed baby more but it isn’t that easy for us. My nipples are tiny which means Smidge has never been able to latch on and suckle properly without nipple shields. This means that every time I feed him he is fighting so hard to get the milk and it’s just not coming quick enough thanks to my low supply and the fact he has to work harder with the nipple shields. He is feeding from me, draining the 1 or 2 oz that I have and then desperately seeking more. That’s when I am topping him up with formula as what else can I do?? 

I don’t want this to be the end of our journey though. I don’t feel ready for it to end yet. I feel that Smidge and I have both worked so hard to get to where we are that I don’t want to be forced to stop just because my supply is low. Smidge is my last baby so I want to give this the best shot I can. 

So I have a plan! 

My plan is to pump every three hours... without fail! I have a hands free bra and a wireless pump so I don’t have an excuse really. And if I am out and about then I will just make sure I put Smidge to the breast. I’m going to go back to eating 2 of the boobix lactation cookies each day. Every night at 9pm I’m going to have a power hour where I pump to replicate cluster feeding. I am going to start every feed off by putting Smidge to the boob and letting him get what he can before giving him the bottle. I am going to do this religiously for 10 days. If at the end of 10 days I haven’t seen an increase then I will admit defeat but I won’t go down without a fight. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me! 


Feed with Confidence Awards 2018 with Lansinoh  |  Collaboration  

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook page then you will know that recently I was asked to be a Feed with Confidence Ambassador by Lansinoh. I was a bit flabbergasted when I was asked as this is my first time breastfeeding and I didn’t think I was a role model or confident but it turns out that others think that I am. Lansinoh told me that they loved how positive I was about feeding in public and how I was an advocate for expressing milk (I didn’t breastfeed Smidge for the first 2 weeks as he wouldn’t latch). The more I thought about it, the more I realised that Lansinoh were right. I had received numerous messages from mums and mums to be asking how I breastfed in public and how Combi feeding was working for us. Just by talking about what I was doing and by posting pictures of me feeding on Instagram, I was raising awareness and I am so proud of what I have done. 

This leads me to the point of this post... the Lansinoh Feed with Confidence Awards 2018. Lansinoh want you to nominate the places and the people that make or have made breastfeeding a positive experience for you. They want to know if you visit a cafe or restaurant where you know you can feed with confidence. They want you to nominate a friend, family member or healthcare professional if they have really supported you and helped you on your breastfeeding journey. 

The awards were held last year and they were so successful that they have introduced two new categories. There are now three categories in total:

Feed With Confidence Venue – a place where mums can breastfeed in comfort, feeling supported and respected. It might be a cafe or a museum, a department store or a pharmacy. It’s a place that goes the extra mile to make breastfeeding possible.

Feed With Confidence Supporter – a friend or family member who has helped you to overcome your breastfeeding hurdles.

Feed With Confidence Champion – a healthcare professional who champions the cause and has made you feel breastfeeding is worthwhile.

It’s so simple to nominate AND you could be in with a chance of winning a family friendly mini break too. To nominate all you need to do is follow the link below - https://lansinoh.co.uk/feed-with-confidence/


To my Husband... we’re in the thick of it  |  Blog 

To my Husband, 

Do you remember 8 years ago when we live in our little flat with the stained glass windows? We’d go out every weekend, get drunk in pubs we’d never dream of going to now, spend all day laying around on Sunday watching films and rubbish TV in our pjs all day? We used to book holidays based on how long the all inclusive bar was open for or how hot it would be. Remember when we used to have BBQs with those awful disposable things on the tiny grass verge and make “punch”’that had way too much vodka in it? Can you remember a time where we just went food shopping without a meal plan or a list? You used to make me romantic meals with candles and cocktails. We took so many photos of each other... selfies together, pictures of one another, our phones were full. We used to hold hands, attempt romantic baths together (which never would really be that comfortable), kiss every morning and every night without fail... 

Do you remember how it was when it was just you and me?

Our life is so different now. 

Now we live in our home which has scuffs all over the skirting boards from the baby walker and holes in the wall from the baby gate and it’s filled with toys. A home we love but are constantly trying to improve yet never have enough time or money. Our weekends now consist of swimming lessons, gyms sessions (why is it so much harder to keep fit now!), washing thousands of babygrows and pants and taking walks to the woods or park. At night we collapse on the sofa and attempt to watch a film whilst I am hooked up to a breast pump. We never both see the ending of the film though as usually one (or both of us) end up falling asleep. We now book our holidays based on travel time, convenience, saftey and on how much the kids will enjoy themselves. BBQs are pretty much non instant now as it’s too dangerous, too hot and Pickle doesn’t eat any of it anyway and as for the punch... well one glass of that and I’d be on the floor! Food shopping is now done online with lists and plans and back up plans... ain’t no body got time to juggle Tesco’s with 2 kids!! Our phones are still full of photos except I don’t think any of them are of us together. Our photos rolls are filled with our beautiful, happy children (with an occasional picture of a nappy or poop thrown in!). We never hold hands anymore because as much as I’d love to hold your hand it’s usually filled with a baby, a pram or a childs hand now days. And kisses... well we would never let the boys go to sleep without a goodnight kiss so when don’t we do the same? Oh yeah.. the mind numbing triedness that comes with raising an almost 4 year old and a 8 week old that’s why. 

But... I promise you that this is temporary. We are in the thick of it right now and one day we will look back and say “wow... that time in our life was hard... how did we survive it?!?” The sleepless nights, the nappies, the school runs, the immunisations, the tantrums, the teachings will one day all stop and our boys will be grown. They won’t need us anymore and the haze will lift. When it does and we see our 2 babies are gone and living their own lives I promise you that then we will hold hands again. We will stay in bed till whenever we want and we will kiss all the time 😊 We will become us again and put us first but for now let’s just muddles through the thick of it because it really won’t last that long ❤️


The proudest family portrait |  CanvasChamp Review

I love nothing more than displaying my happiest moments around my home. Snaps from our holidays that bring back the the smell of the sea, tiny moments caught in frame that bring an instant smile and huge momentous occasions immortalised in a still picture. So when the final piece to our puzzle came along two short months ago I knew I needed something special to add to our collection of photos and prints. That’s why I chose a beautiful Canvas from CanvasChamp.

Designing and ordering this canvas was unbelievably easy. I headed over to their website in my phone, picked the size canvas I wanted, uploaded my chosen photo from my camera roll and that was it! Within moments I was reviewing my design and ordering my canvas. Within a couple of days it was delivered and I couldn’t have been happier. It is just perfect.

The ease of designing and ordering from canvas champ isn’t even the best bit... the canvas I have only cost £7.19!!!!! How amazing is that!! I certainly know where I will be heading at Christmas for some gifts for the grandparents!! Head over to the Canvas Champ website now to grab your very own Canvas Prints at this amazing price!
Note - this is a collaborative post


Changing time with Aquawipes  |  Review 

When you have a newborn baby the advice is to use cotton wool and warm water to clean your baby when you are changing nappies. This is because sometimes the harsh perfumes and chemicals in wipes for older children can damage babies delicate skin BUT if you are a parent then you will know that sometimes, using cotton wool and water can make it really difficult to get your baby really clean. I remember with Pickle trying to clean the lovely black, tar like poo that newborns do off of him with just cotton wool and water... I think I used a whole bag of cotton balls for just that one nappy change! Sometimes the traditional way is just not practical and also isn’t very eco friendly.
This is where Aqua Wipes come in! These wipes have been developed with not only newborns in mind but also the environment. They are biodegradable wipes which have been dermatotligically tested to make sure that they are as gentle as they can be on your babies skin. These wipes contain 99% purified water with a touch of soothing organic Aloe Vera and it is because of this that they are suitable to be used from birth!

We have been using these on Smidge since he was born and I am converted! No more cotton wool balls for us. The wipes are so easy to use and have left Smidges skins perfectly soft and that is a real testament to these wipes because Smidge has very sensitive skin. Unlike some other brands of newborn wipes these aren’t too wet and they don’t leave a sticky residue which I love. The wipes come in two different sizes as well, a pack of 64 wipes and then a smaller travel pack of 12 wipes which are great for sticking in the changing bag.

I would really reccomend trying these wipes out if you have a newborn or if you are pregnant and starting to get ready for your babies arrival. You can find the full range over on amazon here and for only £25 for a box of 12 packs of 64 they are fantastic value for money!!

Note - these wipes were sent to me for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own.