Changing time with Aquawipes  |  Review 

When you have a newborn baby the advice is to use cotton wool and warm water to clean your baby when you are changing nappies. This is because sometimes the harsh perfumes and chemicals in wipes for older children can damage babies delicate skin BUT if you are a parent then you will know that sometimes, using cotton wool and water can make it really difficult to get your baby really clean. I remember with Pickle trying to clean the lovely black, tar like poo that newborns do off of him with just cotton wool and water... I think I used a whole bag of cotton balls for just that one nappy change! Sometimes the traditional way is just not practical and also isn’t very eco friendly.
This is where Aqua Wipes come in! These wipes have been developed with not only newborns in mind but also the environment. They are biodegradable wipes which have been dermatotligically tested to make sure that they are as gentle as they can be on your babies skin. These wipes contain 99% purified water with a touch of soothing organic Aloe Vera and it is because of this that they are suitable to be used from birth!

We have been using these on Smidge since he was born and I am converted! No more cotton wool balls for us. The wipes are so easy to use and have left Smidges skins perfectly soft and that is a real testament to these wipes because Smidge has very sensitive skin. Unlike some other brands of newborn wipes these aren’t too wet and they don’t leave a sticky residue which I love. The wipes come in two different sizes as well, a pack of 64 wipes and then a smaller travel pack of 12 wipes which are great for sticking in the changing bag.

I would really reccomend trying these wipes out if you have a newborn or if you are pregnant and starting to get ready for your babies arrival. You can find the full range over on amazon here and for only £25 for a box of 12 packs of 64 they are fantastic value for money!!

Note - these wipes were sent to me for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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