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If you have a child that is over the age of 5 then you will probably remember a time when the only option for cleaning your newborn during nappy changes was cotton wool and warm water. It meant that nappy changes could be difficult, messy, not environmentally friendly and would take a long time! But, as with most things, over time it’s changed. Newborn wipes are now a “thing” and they make our lives so much easier! When Pickle was born back in 2014 newborn baby wipes were only just starting to emerge onto the market but now you will find that most brands have their own newborn wipes. Even though these kind of wipes aren’t recommend by midwives and health visitors etc, in reality they are a life saver! We’ve been trying out quite a few different brands recently so I thought I’d give you the low down on the best and worst newborn baby wipes. 

Please note that NONE of this is a paid review...all opinions are honest and my own and this isn’t a collaboration. I also know that there are other wipes available and I have only included these ones as these are the ones we have tired recently. 

Supermarket Brands - 

Tesco Loves Baby Pure Newborn Wipes 56 Pack - £0.65 - £0.01 each

To me these wipes are middle of the road. They aren’t amazing but then again they aren’t bad. I love the way they dispense as you only get one wipe at a time and it’s easy to do one handed. The wipes are nice and thick so you don’t feel like your need a lot of them and they are a brilliant price. The downfalls however is that they aren’t very “wet” which sometimes makes it hard to clean Smidge meaning I have to wipe the same spot a couple of times over. These wipes also have a few more additional ingredients unlike some others the others. 


Sainsbury’s Little Ones Newborn Wipes 64 pack - £0.60 - £0.01 each 

These wipes are amazing! Not only are they super cheap and feel nice and thick, they also come with a handy flip top so you only need one hand to open and only get one wipe at a time. They are perfectly moist. The wipes are not too wet that they leave baby wet but then again they are not too dry. They leave babies skin feeling soft and moisturised and clean so well that you only need a couple per nappy change. These wipes are so good that I am yet to find a negative!! 


Lidl Lupilu Newborn Baby Wipes 56 pack - £0.55 - £0.01 each 

Out of all of the wipes we have used these are the ones I would not repurchase. They are one of the cheapest on offer but I think that is reflected in the quality. They do have the flip top lid and are 98% water but they don’t feel wet enough therefore they do not clean well at all. The wipes also feel very thin which is NOT what you want when you are cleaning up a poonami! I didn’t like these wipes at all really and would definitely reccomend paying the 5p extra and getting the Sainsbury’s ones. 


Aldi Mamia Newborn Wipes 56 pack - £0.59 - £0.01 each 

I have alway loved the Aldi Mamia range and used it on Pickle when he was small so I had high hopes for these wipes. They are 98% water which is great and they had the flip top mechanism to stop the wipes drying out and to make sure you only get one wipe at a time. They aren’t the thickest wipes but then again are not flimsy and thin. The moisture level is good but not as good as others in my opinion. You also get less wipes in the pack than some of the others which is only a small thing but when the prices between supermarket brands are so close I think it makes a difference. Overall these wipes are good but in my opinion aren’t the best. 


The next few wipes that we’ve have tried are ones that you can buy from supermarkets but they are independent brands rather than supermarket own so you can also get them at places like Mothercare and Amazon. 

Water Wipes 60 pack - £2.70 - £0.05 each 

These wipes are the original newborn baby wipe and with 99.9% water they are one of the purest wipes on the market. They are very wet and sometimes can even feel a bit too wet but they are very thick and a good quality wipe. The obvious downside to these wipes is the price. At an eye watering 5p per wipe they feel like a luxury to me rather than an essential. They are also lacking the flip top lid which makes getting the wipes out with one hand very difficult. Overall they are good wipes but have poorly designed packaging for such a high price tag. 


Huggies Baby Wipes Newborn 56 pack - £1.25 - 0.2p each 

I have never been a fan of Huggies wipes as I’ve always found their original ones to be too thin and flimsy. I was willing to be open minded about their newborn wipes which are marginal thicker than the originals but still aren’t great. They have a good level of moisture but the wipe itself is really disappointing. They are fine for dealing with wet nappies but when it comes to dirty ones I worry that the poop would leak through as I’m cleaning. They also tend to come out in clumps rather than one wipe at a time. For the price I would expect a lot more as they aren’t the cheapest. 


Aqua wipes Biodegradable Newborn Baby Wipes 64 pack - £2.89 - £0.04 each 

These wipes are relatively new to the market and I have to say that I really like them. I was a bit skeptical at first as I was worried that because they are biodegradable they would be thin but they aren’t. They are a good thickness and are moist enough to clean well without leaving baby wet. The fact that they are biodegradable is a huge thing for me as I am becoming very aware of the impact nappies and wipes have on our environment. Any little thing that I can do to help, like buying biodegradable wipes, is a huge plus. The only downside with these wipes is that they don’t have a flip top lid. If they could put that on the packaging then these wipes would be perfect! 


There are quite a few really good wipes for newborns on the market at the moment but I think that my two favourites have to be Sainsbury’s Little ones for a budget brand and Aqua wipes for a more expensive yet environmentally friendly wipe. 

What do you think? Have I missed out any that you think are amazing? Let me know in the comments. 

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