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To my Husband, 

Do you remember 8 years ago when we live in our little flat with the stained glass windows? We’d go out every weekend, get drunk in pubs we’d never dream of going to now, spend all day laying around on Sunday watching films and rubbish TV in our pjs all day? We used to book holidays based on how long the all inclusive bar was open for or how hot it would be. Remember when we used to have BBQs with those awful disposable things on the tiny grass verge and make “punch”’that had way too much vodka in it? Can you remember a time where we just went food shopping without a meal plan or a list? You used to make me romantic meals with candles and cocktails. We took so many photos of each other... selfies together, pictures of one another, our phones were full. We used to hold hands, attempt romantic baths together (which never would really be that comfortable), kiss every morning and every night without fail... 

Do you remember how it was when it was just you and me?

Our life is so different now. 

Now we live in our home which has scuffs all over the skirting boards from the baby walker and holes in the wall from the baby gate and it’s filled with toys. A home we love but are constantly trying to improve yet never have enough time or money. Our weekends now consist of swimming lessons, gyms sessions (why is it so much harder to keep fit now!), washing thousands of babygrows and pants and taking walks to the woods or park. At night we collapse on the sofa and attempt to watch a film whilst I am hooked up to a breast pump. We never both see the ending of the film though as usually one (or both of us) end up falling asleep. We now book our holidays based on travel time, convenience, saftey and on how much the kids will enjoy themselves. BBQs are pretty much non instant now as it’s too dangerous, too hot and Pickle doesn’t eat any of it anyway and as for the punch... well one glass of that and I’d be on the floor! Food shopping is now done online with lists and plans and back up plans... ain’t no body got time to juggle Tesco’s with 2 kids!! Our phones are still full of photos except I don’t think any of them are of us together. Our photos rolls are filled with our beautiful, happy children (with an occasional picture of a nappy or poop thrown in!). We never hold hands anymore because as much as I’d love to hold your hand it’s usually filled with a baby, a pram or a childs hand now days. And kisses... well we would never let the boys go to sleep without a goodnight kiss so when don’t we do the same? Oh yeah.. the mind numbing triedness that comes with raising an almost 4 year old and a 8 week old that’s why. 

But... I promise you that this is temporary. We are in the thick of it right now and one day we will look back and say “wow... that time in our life was hard... how did we survive it?!?” The sleepless nights, the nappies, the school runs, the immunisations, the tantrums, the teachings will one day all stop and our boys will be grown. They won’t need us anymore and the haze will lift. When it does and we see our 2 babies are gone and living their own lives I promise you that then we will hold hands again. We will stay in bed till whenever we want and we will kiss all the time 😊 We will become us again and put us first but for now let’s just muddles through the thick of it because it really won’t last that long ❤️

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