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We are frequent visitors to Disneyland Paris but our last visit was the first time we have been with a baby. Pickle was 2 years old the first time we took him but Smidge was only 3 months so it was a bit of a different experience than our previous trips. 

Taking a baby anywhere usually means you have to take a shed load of things but there were definitely some things that made our trip easier when it came to Smidge. So many people have got in contact with me since our trip asking me how we dealt with taking a baby to Disney so I thought I’d share my top tips with you so hopefully you can have a holiday as magical as ours was. 

1. Take a carrier 

Taking a decent baby carrier to Disneyland Paris is a MUST if you have a non walker. Smidge was able to go on a few rides but you have to leave the pram outside when you queue. Whilst we queued we would pop Smidge into the carrier which then meant he would either have a look around or (more often than not) he’d fall asleep. Sometimes the queues can be quite long so make sure you take a decent carrier that you are comfortable wearing. We have the Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier (which we reviewed here) and it was perfect. It is super soft but yet give support for you and baby. The carrier also came in handy when Pickle was really tired as we could pop Smidge in the carrier and then let Pickle lay in the pram for a bit. 

2. A Milton mini steriliser 

This little steriliser ball was a God send during our trip and a must have for anyone whose baby has a dummy. We would take 2 dummies with us every day but because Smidge was in and out of the pram and carrier he kept dropping his dummies. With the mini steriliser all you do is pop the dummy in, twist it around to clean off anything and then leave it for 15 minutes. Then you have a completely sterile dummy ready to use. It is amazing and I would really recommend buying one if you’re thinking of going away. 

3. A decent changing bag 

We had so much stuff that we needed to take our everyday that a decent changing bag was a essential. The weather in September in Paris can be all over the place so not only did I have to take the normal nappies, wipes and spare clothes, I also packed waterproof ponchos, sun cream, hats... it was a bit silly really but we needed it all! We used our Storksak bag for carrying everything and it was perfect. It has space for bottles, separate compartments for different things and a super handy changing mat with spaces for wipes and nappies. The best thing about this bag is that not only does it come with straps to hang the bag off of a pram, it can also be worn as a cross body bag or as a rucksack thanks to the adjustable straps. It’s the perfect Disney bag! 

4. A Buggy Lock 

Unfortunately it has been known for people to have buggies and prams stolen in Disneyland Paris. When you go onto a ride you have to leave your pram in the buggy park meaning (in theory) that anyone could walk off with it. I haven’t seen this happen or experienced it but I have seen a lot about it online. Because of this we brought an inexpensive bike lock and used that the chain the pram to the railings to avoid the chance of anyone pinching our pram. Some may think it’s a bit much but we would have been well and truly up the creek if someone stole our pram whilst we were away so I would rather not take the chance. 

5. Extra wipes and nappies 

This one is soooooo important! If you wanted to buy wipes in Disneyland Paris it would set you back €8.99 and even worse, nappies in Disneyland would set you back an eyewatering €24.99!!!! I don’t know about you but I would feel a little sick paying those prices for something I can get from the UK for under £3 generally. So make sure you pack enough wipes and nappies. We took a brand new 50 pack of nappies and 6 packets of wipes. Now remember that the wipes were not only being used for bum changes but also for cleaning a sticky child, we used 4 packets of wipes and over half the packet of nappies. It doesn’t matter if you bring some home and it will save you A LOT of money as you won’t have to buy any whilst you’re there. 

So there you have it. My essentials for doing Disney with a baby. I hope it’s helped and if you are going with a baby of any age have a magical time! 

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