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I’ve always known that I wanted to be a Mother. It was like there was a deep set thing inside of me that had always told me that I was meant to be a Mum. What I found strange though was the I never felt “broody”. Let me try to explain this...

So you know when you are around a baby there will always be at least one person who coos over it. They say things like:
“Oh this makes me want another one”
“Can I have a cuddle please?”
“That newborn smell is just wonderful”
I can quite honestly say I have NEVER said or felt any of the above when I’ve held a friend or family members baby. To me, all babies just look like little potatoes and I don’t understand how they make people broody. Don’t get me wrong, when I snuggle my two and I remember them as babies I think they were the cutest, most wonder and amazing things in the world but seeing them grow up and come out of the newborn phase doesn’t make me long for another one. I miss them being small and being a baby but it doesn’t make me want another baby and I don’t feel like there is some hole that I need to fill with babies. I know that so many women who say that have this urge to have more babies but I have just never have.

It even took a long time for Hubby and I to feel we were ready to try for Smidge. When Pickle was born, I became a mother and I felt complete. That was all I ever wanted and for a few years we really thought that we were done with having children. One was enough for us and we were happy but as Pickle got older we felt like it was unfair for him to grow up as an only child. I wasn’t broody or desperate for another baby. I just wanted Pickle to have a family and a sibling like Hubby and I did growing up. This isn’t to say that Smidge wasn’t wanted because he was wanted very much and he was loved more than I can ever explain from the moment we saw that line on the test BUT I still wouldn’t say I was broody.
Surely it can’t just be me that feel like this? I’m not some kind of awful person for not feeling broody when I see other babies am I? Am I a bad person for thinking that all babies just look like potatoes? Let me know in the comments.

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