Games Night with Little Tikes | Review

I love a bit of family time and there is nothing that we love more than a games night. We have played all of the traditional ones such as tumbling monkeys and buckaroo but sometimes it's difficult to find fun, exciting games that entertain us and Pickle. Little Tikes have just introduced a brand new range of board games and when we were sent a couple we couldn't resist putting them to the test and having a games night.

Games night for us always means some games, a takeaway and usually a film from Netflix on the telly. This weekend we ordered ourselves a pizza, popped Boss Baby on Netflix and got ready to battle to be winner supreme with our new games!

The first of the two games that we played was called Crazy Toaster and it was so easy to set up so we could get straight to playing. The aim of the game is to catch the toast in your saucepan as it pops out of the toaster and get all the pieces of toast needed to fill your mat. It’s fast, it’s funny and it gets you moving about as you try to catch the toast you need. We all loved this game and the more we played it the better Pickle was getting!

The next game we played was the Little Tikes Hot Hoops game. This was my favourite out of the two as it reminded me of the old school arcade game where you had to shoot hoops. This is basically a smaller, easy to transport version that can be played as a two player verses game or as a solo game for some practice.

We used this game as the decider to see how who would be the ultimate winner of our games night and the winner was...

We had so much fun during our games night that we even made a little video so you can see just how great these games are (and how competitive Hubby is!!).

Thank you so much to Little Tikes for sending these great games though and make sure you head over to the Little Tikes website to grab your own.
Note - this items were sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

Keeping my family safe with Yale | Review 

We live in an area where crime is on the rise. In fact it seems like crime is on the rise all over the U.K. According to the Office for National Statistics as of March 2017 2 in 100 houses have been burgled! I know of at least 3 people who have been burgled in the last year and the thought of that happening to my family terrifies me. Burglary is such an awful crime because someone breaks into and violates your safe space. A house and the things inside it is so much more than just “stuff”. It’s memories, happiness, safety and love and when someone breaks in it can feel like your house is no longer yours. This is why protecting our home is so important to me and why I think everyone needs to look into the best ways to protect their home and their family. 

Yale is a tried and trusted company that has been around for over 175 years making it one of the oldest security companies in the UK. Everyone knows Yale for their locks but they are so much more than that! They offer CCTV, home alarms, intruder alarms, WiFi cameras, smart locks and even saves! Yale’s aim is to make their customers feel so safe and secure that they are free to enjoy their life fully, free of worries and free to choose what they want to do. That sounds pretty perfect to me! So when they asked me if I wanted to review a couple of their products I naturally jumped at the chance.


Mess Free Painting with Paint Stick! | Review

Pickle loves painting but I dread it!!! Yes it is lovely seeing all of the creative and imaginative things he creates and paints but he makes so much mess! You can guarantee that after he has finished he will have paint all over himself and the table, water all over the place and a HUGE smile on his face because he's has a whale of a time. Mess free painting was something I could only dream about...until I discovered Little Brian Paint Sticks!

I can't believe that I have gone through 4 years of motherhood without knowing about these little beauties. They simple, convenient and most importantly mess free! They look a bit like glue sticks but when you remove the lid and twist you find that it is actually paint. There is no need for water or brushes and you can paint straight from the stick AND it's not just only paper that can be painted on with these little magic sticks. As paint sticks are water soluble they can be used on all sorts of surfaces like wood, canvas and even glass...although you might not want to tell your little one that.


To our new neighbours... |  Blog 

To our new neighbors... 

Hi there! Congratulations on your new home. This is a lovely little area and the people around us are wonderful. We’ve been here for 5 years now and we love our little house. It’s the place where we started our family and now it’s the home where we are raising it. I hope you’ll be as happy in our little terrace of properties as we are. 

I just wanted to reach out to you to apologise... well apologise in advance really as we haven’t had anyone live next to us for about 3 years. That means that we don’t have a gauge of our noise level. The past 3 years have been like living in a detached property so we have run around, shouting, singing, stamping, laughing...all noises that I’m sure as a childless young couple you won’t want to hear at 8am on a Saturday morning. We don’t do loud parties and music and drinking as we are exhausted by 9pm but we do have a bit of a noisey house.  But I promise that we are trying to tame the noise. We are telling Pickle that you are next door and that he needs to be mindful and not so loud. I keep reminding Hubby that we have neighbors now and he then tones himself down. To be honest I think he is worse than Pickle! I promise that we will try to keep it down. 

The only thing I can’t promise though is that there won’t be times when we are loud. We have had nights before in our 4 years of parenting where our babies are teething. Teething is an absolute bitch and it really hurts these little tiny people who don’t understand what’s happening. There have been nights and days where our babies are ill. They cry because something hurts and no matter what we do we can’t passify them. There are some days where everything just goes to pot and the babies/kids cry and so do we!! I can promise that we will tone down all our other noise but sometimes we can’t and you might have to listen to one or even both of our children cry for a while. But please know that we will be doing everything we can to help them and to try to stop them crying! 

Anywho... I hope you love your new home and please don’t be scared to tell us if we are being too loud and I’m sorry if you have to listen to crying sometimes. Raising children is really hard  and unfortunately they don’t have a mute button... but my god imagine if they did... it would be heaven!!! :) 


Let’s talk about free stuff... |  Blog 

“Nothing in this life is free” 

Being a blogger is great. I work with some amazing brands, I make money making content for big names, I get to work with companies that I never dreamed I’d work with and I get to take my family to amazing events and days outs. Being a blogger is also really hard. I have deadlines, I have a website to maintain, emails to reply to, social media to monitor, tax returns to do all whilst being “on maternity leave” and trying to look after a baby and a 4 year old. I try to do all my work in the 2 days I don’t have Pickle for and in the evenings but sometimes I have to miss swimming lessons or walks to the woods because I have to stay home and work. All of the amazing events we go to are great but sometimes I think people forget that I am working... I have to film our day, take photos, think about what I’ll be writing on the blog. Even though it may look like I’m just gallivanting around all the time and getting loads of free stuff sent to me... I’M NOT AND IT’S NOT FREE!!!!

Bath Time Essentials with Safety 1st | Review

Both of my boys love being in the bath and bath time in our house is always super fun BUT I am always so conscious of making sure they are safe in the bathroom. As fun as splashing the bath can be, there are so many dangers in the bathroom...hot taps, water, slippy surfaces...the list goes on and on! Luckily, Safety 1st is on hand to help all of us worried parents and to make bath time as safe as possible.

Safety 1st has a huge range of products to help protect your home and, more importantly, keep your little ones safe. From newborns to crawlers, they have something for every stage and for every danger. We were sent some items from their bathroom range and they didn't disappoint!


Keeping safe on the roads this winter  |  Collaboration 

The nights are getting dark and the cold weather is setting in so that can only mean one thing... winter is coming (come on...who said that in a Jon Snow Voice??). During these colder months it is so important to make sure you look after your car to keep you and your family and others safe.
So what can you do to avoid being a danger on the road? I wanted to share my 3 top tips to keep you and your family safe on the road this winter.

1. Check your tyres.

When was the last time you checked your tyre pressure or your tyre tread? Do you even know what your tyre pressure should be? You might be surprised to know that you actually have a legal obligation to keep your tyres up to a certain standard?? These standards are there to keep your car safe and therefore keep you safe on the roads so you need to make sure your tyres are serviced and installed by professionals. Tyre Plus have an option to have your tyres fitted at home and they have even released a super helpful ebook covering all the regulations that your tyres need to adhere too so make sure you visit their site to read more.

2. Turn of the phone!
How many times have you checked or been temped to check your phone whilst driving? The amount of people I see driving along with their phone wedged under their ear still shocks me but I think what is worse is when people are texting or checking social media or even snapchatting!! Phones are such a distraction when driving so to keep you safe and 100% focused on the road turn off your phone. Not only is it dangerous... it’s illegal!

3. Check your car seats.
This is one for all of you parents out there...make sure you check your child's car seat. Make sure it is installed properly and that it is the right fit for your car. More than that, it is so important that you check that your little one is strapped in correctly and isn't put into the car in huge winter coats as it can make the belt less effective. Layers are the way to go in winter when it come to little ones in car seat and if you have a slightly older child then my top tip is to get them to put their coat on backwards over the straps. Works a charm!!

So there are my top tips for staying safe on the road this winter. Now go and check your tyres! :)

note: this is a collaborative post

UK destinations I'd love to visit | Collaboration

Hubby and I have been lucky enough to have seen quite a few different places in the world. We have been on safari in Kenya, walked the beaches in Spain and visited Mickey in Disneyworld Florida BUT as we now have 2 little ones I've started to think more about visiting places closer to home. The UK is full of so many wonderful places that we have never been to before so I decided I would sit down and write a bucket list of places I want to visit in our home country. If you have any top tips of places to go then let me know in the comments as I'm always open to suggestions!


I feel like Liverpool is such an underrated place to visit and it's somewhere that I'd love to go. It's got beaches, docks, history, nightlife, shopping...pretty much everything that you could want and something for every member of the family. I also LOVE the Liverpudlian accent and that on it's own is a reason I'd want to visit!! There is a fantastic website I found called Liverpool ONE which is filled with events that are on in the area so if you are thinking about heading to Liverpool then make sure you check the site out. 

Stratford Upon Avon
I am a bit of a Shakespeare fan and visiting his birth place is definitely on my bucket list. Stratford upon Avon is full of history, beautiful architect and scenery. It's actually not that far away from us as it's only about 2 and a half hours in the car so I think we will be planning a trip to visit there very soon.

Believe it or not, I have never visited Brighton before. Once again, it's not too far away from us but we have never been. I want to visit the beach in Brighton and sample some of the local nightlife as I am a huge drag fan and apparently they have some pretty outstanding drag shows in 'the happiest place in the UK to live'.

Being a huge ballroom dancing lover I would love to visit the Blackpool tower. Seeing the ballroom on TV thanks to Strictly is good but I can imagine that in real life it would be breath taking. It’s not just the ballroom that calls me though... I would love to see the pleasure beach, the zoo and sample the night life in this vibrant town!

The Lake District
I mean, I don’t think I really need to explain why I want to visit here do I? I want to see the beautiful scenery and go on walks that take is miles away... the Lake District really feels like a place you can escape to to get away from the daily grind and it’s somewhere we will have to visit one day!

Note: this is a collaborative post


Baby Kingdom Collection. |  Review 

Since having Smidge I’ve been very particular about what we put on his skin. Pickle had horrendously sensitive skin and I think that was partly caused by some of the products we used on his as a tiny baby. With Smidge I didn’t want to make the same mistake so he didn’t have a bath until he was about 5 days old and we only used to bath him a couple of times a week. Now he is 4 months old and his skin is wonderful BUT I still make sure I only use the best on his skin. 

The Baby Kingdom Collection got in touch with me to see if they could send me their range of baby products and because I could see from their website that all their products are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and 97-99% natural I decided we would give them a go and I wasn’t disappointed. 

We were sent their full range which was created by parents, for parents. The range consists of: 

250ml Baby Shampoo - £17.95

250ml 2 in 1 hair and body wash - £17.95

150ml Body Cream - £16.95

150ml Nappy Cream - £16.95

25g Talc Free Baby Powder - £11.95

All of the range smells amazing and all products come in easy to dispense packaging which is great when you are trying to juggle a wiggley baby. The shampoo and 2 in 1 foam up nicely and you don’t need much meaning that even though the products are a little on the higher end price scale, they will last a long time. The creams are beautifully silky and were absorbed into Smidges skin really quickly without any greasy residue which was great. The gem out of the range though, in my opinion, is the Baby Powder! 

After all the bad press that a certain baby brand and, in particular, baby powder got last year I have always been wary of what I use BUT sometimes you do need a powder to help dry those baby creases and prevent them from getting sore. The talc free Baby Powder from the Baby Kingdom Collective is amazing!!! It comes with a pump dispenser which allows you to cover any areas you need to with a light dusting of powder. It is paraben and talc free and has natural and organic ingredients. This means that when I use it I don’t have to worry about any nasties being near my baby. If you are going to buy anything from this range then invest in the Baby Powder as it is so good!!! 

Thank you so much to The Baby Kingdom Collection for sending this through to us! 

You can find the full range on the Baby Kingdom website here - https://www.babykingdomcollection.co.uk/

You can also find them on Instagram here - 



Trying to see through the haze  | Blog 

Tired but sleeping. 
Hungry but not wanting to eat.
So in love with my baby but so overwhelmed by him at the same time.
Kissing and cuddling my baby but then an hour later not knowing how to comfort him and stop him crying.
Having a baby that is crying so much that you forget what quite sounds like and hearing it sounds alien.
Feeling so many emotions that you don’t know how to process them all...
Short tempered.
So so so in love.
The past couple of weeks have been so tough. Smidge has been going through some kind of developmental leap along side the 4 month sleep regression and teething and it has almost broken me. It has been a haze of tears (from me and Smidge), sleeplessness, exhaustion, refusal to drink milk, worrying, mummy guilt and desperation to find anything to settle our usual calm and chilled out baby. We’ve tired gripe water, massage, teething granules, different teats, calpol... nothing seemed to work. All that has seemed to work is time...just riding the storm and waiting for things to die down.

Seeing through the haze has been almost impossibly hard. People keep saying “it will get better soon” and “it’s just a phase, don’t let it get to you” but they don’t seem to understand that it isn’t that easy. During those moments where Smidge was screaming, unsettled and refusing to drink any milk even though I knew he was hungry, I just couldn’t see it ever getting better. It felt like those moments were going to last forever and I would always feel as helpless and useless as I did at those times. I couldn’t see it getting better and I couldn’t stop it getting to me. I feel like I cried at least 4 times a day, every day last week. I lost my appetite, wasn’t sleeping right and just felt like I was the worst mother in the world for not knowing how to comfort her child. It felt even worse because this was my second baby! I had done this once already... why was I finding it so hard??
Time is making things better. Smidge seems to have got over the “leap” and is slowly going back to his old self but I still have these feelings creep in every now and again. Someone told me that talking about the way I feel and recognising that it wasn’t normal for me is the first step to feeling better. I’m going to keep an eye on things and if I’m not feeling back to normal (whatever normal is) in another week I’m going to have a chat with my health visitor because I didn’t realised that post natal depress could hit at any time. I thought that once you were out of those newborn days then you were clear but that’s not the case. These past 2 weeks have been harder than any of the newborn days and I can really understand how it could trigger some type of PND but for now I think the way I am feeling reflects just how hard I’ve found the last couple of weeks but I’m aware that it could be more.
But to anyone out there who can’t see through the haze I’m not going to say it will get better soon and to just keep on going as I know that doesn’t help. What I will say is know that you aren’t on your own. I know how you feel. I am in that haze and haven’t been able to see through it. As dark and lonely as it may seem now, remember you are not on your own. Message me on here, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s babbling and doesn’t make sense. Just talk to me or someone you trust because then they can hold your hand and show you that you aren’t alone in how you feel and with help you can try to find a way through this.


Disneyland Paris Dos & Don’ts  |  Blog

As you will know if you have looked at any of my social media or at my blog in the last couple of weeks, we recently headed to Disneyland Paris for a 4 night stay. We had an amazing time but that was only because of the prior knowledge we had. I follow a few Facebook pages all about Disneyland Paris which really helped me with a load of tips before we went. So I thought I’d share with you the Dos and Don’ts that I found most useful!

Do download Lineberty app - 
This app is being used more and more in the Disney Studios at the moment and I can imagine that it won’t be long until it’s used in the main Disney park too. This is basically an app that allows you to book a virtual ticket for different meet and greets meaning that you don’t have to spend hours queuing to meet your favourite characters. We used it to see Buzz, Woody, Mickey, the Incredible's


Hatchimal CollEGGtibles Series 3 | Review

Surprise eggs and blind bags seems to be all the rage at the moment and if your child is anything like mine then they will love them. I'm not sure if it is the element of surprise or the fact that there are so many to collect but Pickle loves them. His favourite are the little Hatchimal CollEGGtible eggs and we were lucky enough to be sent some of the brand new eggs from series 3 to review from Spinmaster. Needless to say, Pickle was in CollEGGtible heaven!

Now, if you don't know what CollEGGtibles are then let me explain. They are basically little eggs with a colour changing heart on the front. When you rub or cuddle the egg and make it warm the heart changes colour and the eggs goes soft so you can crack into in. Inside there are little collectible figures waiting to hatch.

The best thing about this range is that there is something to suit every budget. If you are looking for a great gift then you can buy the £25.00 12 pack egg carton or the 4 pack (plus a bonus surprise) for £9.99. If you were just looking for a little treat to reward good behaviour then you can get the blind bag which comes with one egg inside for around £3.00.

Pickle went straight for the egg carton as he knew that inside these eggs he had the chance to maybe find twins and he was over the moon when he hatched some!! All of the CollEGGtibles packs come with a leaflet explaining who each of the figures are and also who they are best friends with. Pickle love paired them up and find their friends.

Overall I think these are brilliant. They keep Pickle entertained for hours on end as once he has hatched them he then plays with them and makes up little stories for them. Thank you so much to SpinMaster for sending these through for us.

Note: these toys were sent to us for the urpose of this review but all opinion are honest and my own.