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Since having Smidge I’ve been very particular about what we put on his skin. Pickle had horrendously sensitive skin and I think that was partly caused by some of the products we used on his as a tiny baby. With Smidge I didn’t want to make the same mistake so he didn’t have a bath until he was about 5 days old and we only used to bath him a couple of times a week. Now he is 4 months old and his skin is wonderful BUT I still make sure I only use the best on his skin. 

The Baby Kingdom Collection got in touch with me to see if they could send me their range of baby products and because I could see from their website that all their products are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and 97-99% natural I decided we would give them a go and I wasn’t disappointed. 

We were sent their full range which was created by parents, for parents. The range consists of: 

250ml Baby Shampoo - £17.95

250ml 2 in 1 hair and body wash - £17.95

150ml Body Cream - £16.95

150ml Nappy Cream - £16.95

25g Talc Free Baby Powder - £11.95

All of the range smells amazing and all products come in easy to dispense packaging which is great when you are trying to juggle a wiggley baby. The shampoo and 2 in 1 foam up nicely and you don’t need much meaning that even though the products are a little on the higher end price scale, they will last a long time. The creams are beautifully silky and were absorbed into Smidges skin really quickly without any greasy residue which was great. The gem out of the range though, in my opinion, is the Baby Powder! 

After all the bad press that a certain baby brand and, in particular, baby powder got last year I have always been wary of what I use BUT sometimes you do need a powder to help dry those baby creases and prevent them from getting sore. The talc free Baby Powder from the Baby Kingdom Collective is amazing!!! It comes with a pump dispenser which allows you to cover any areas you need to with a light dusting of powder. It is paraben and talc free and has natural and organic ingredients. This means that when I use it I don’t have to worry about any nasties being near my baby. If you are going to buy anything from this range then invest in the Baby Powder as it is so good!!! 

Thank you so much to The Baby Kingdom Collection for sending this through to us! 

You can find the full range on the Baby Kingdom website here - https://www.babykingdomcollection.co.uk/

You can also find them on Instagram here - 


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