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Both of my boys love being in the bath and bath time in our house is always super fun BUT I am always so conscious of making sure they are safe in the bathroom. As fun as splashing the bath can be, there are so many dangers in the bathroom...hot taps, water, slippy surfaces...the list goes on and on! Luckily, Safety 1st is on hand to help all of us worried parents and to make bath time as safe as possible.

Safety 1st has a huge range of products to help protect your home and, more importantly, keep your little ones safe. From newborns to crawlers, they have something for every stage and for every danger. We were sent some items from their bathroom range and they didn't disappoint!

We were sent two different bath seats/supports for Smidge. The first was the Anatomic Baby Bath Cradle (RRP £9.99) which comes in white or lime coloured. This cradle is perfect for young babies as it cradles them whilst they are in the water meaning that they can't slip or roll off of the support. Unlike other bath supports of the same style, this one has added suction cup pads under the cradle which makes it super sturdy and safe. I loved this cradle and it was definitely better (and cheaper!) than some others which we had tried previously with Pickle. Now Smidge is almost 5 months old, he is trying to sit up all the time so we have moved him into the Swivel Bath Seat (RRP £13.99). This seat is fully enclosed meaning that baby can't fall out if they loose balance or get a bit wobbly. It has four very strong suction pads underneath it, giving it a good, strong stick to the bath. It is perfect for the age Smidge is now and I can imagine we will use it until he can very confidently sit and move around on his own as the seat stops him from falling into the water.

It's not just when they are in the bath that we have to worry, it's before you pop them in too. It is so important to check the temperature of the water before you put your little ones in. Safety 1st have made this so easy by having a Frog Digital Thermometer (RRP £9.99) which displays when the water temperature is below 32c and above 43c. It not only floats and has a digital screen that shows the temperature, it doubles up as a cute bath toy for baby to play with. This product is amazing and I would really recommend it especially for the price which is one of the cheapest digital bath thermometers that I have come across before.

The final thing that we were sent was a pack of their Anti-Slip Bath Pads (RRP £6.99). Now these aren't really for Smidge yet as he is still in the seat but these are perfect for babies and children that are on the move. Pickle is 4 but I have still use these in the bath as they stop him from slipping over if he stands up to get a toy or to get out. These pads not only help to stop your little ones from slipping, they come with an integrated thermometer which indicates when the water is too hot! Amazing right???

The whole Safety 1st bath time range is not only great quality, it is so well priced as well. I am so shocked at the prices for all of the range as they definitely seem more expensive as they are such good quality products.

Head over to the Safety 1st website here to see the full range and to grab your bath time essentials.

Note: These items were sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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