Games Night with Little Tikes | Review

I love a bit of family time and there is nothing that we love more than a games night. We have played all of the traditional ones such as tumbling monkeys and buckaroo but sometimes it's difficult to find fun, exciting games that entertain us and Pickle. Little Tikes have just introduced a brand new range of board games and when we were sent a couple we couldn't resist putting them to the test and having a games night.

Games night for us always means some games, a takeaway and usually a film from Netflix on the telly. This weekend we ordered ourselves a pizza, popped Boss Baby on Netflix and got ready to battle to be winner supreme with our new games!

The first of the two games that we played was called Crazy Toaster and it was so easy to set up so we could get straight to playing. The aim of the game is to catch the toast in your saucepan as it pops out of the toaster and get all the pieces of toast needed to fill your mat. It’s fast, it’s funny and it gets you moving about as you try to catch the toast you need. We all loved this game and the more we played it the better Pickle was getting!

The next game we played was the Little Tikes Hot Hoops game. This was my favourite out of the two as it reminded me of the old school arcade game where you had to shoot hoops. This is basically a smaller, easy to transport version that can be played as a two player verses game or as a solo game for some practice.

We used this game as the decider to see how who would be the ultimate winner of our games night and the winner was...

We had so much fun during our games night that we even made a little video so you can see just how great these games are (and how competitive Hubby is!!).

Thank you so much to Little Tikes for sending these great games though and make sure you head over to the Little Tikes website to grab your own.
Note - this items were sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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