Keeping safe on the roads this winter  |  Collaboration 

The nights are getting dark and the cold weather is setting in so that can only mean one thing... winter is coming (come on...who said that in a Jon Snow Voice??). During these colder months it is so important to make sure you look after your car to keep you and your family and others safe.
So what can you do to avoid being a danger on the road? I wanted to share my 3 top tips to keep you and your family safe on the road this winter.

1. Check your tyres.

When was the last time you checked your tyre pressure or your tyre tread? Do you even know what your tyre pressure should be? You might be surprised to know that you actually have a legal obligation to keep your tyres up to a certain standard?? These standards are there to keep your car safe and therefore keep you safe on the roads so you need to make sure your tyres are serviced and installed by professionals. Tyre Plus have an option to have your tyres fitted at home and they have even released a super helpful ebook covering all the regulations that your tyres need to adhere too so make sure you visit their site to read more.

2. Turn of the phone!
How many times have you checked or been temped to check your phone whilst driving? The amount of people I see driving along with their phone wedged under their ear still shocks me but I think what is worse is when people are texting or checking social media or even snapchatting!! Phones are such a distraction when driving so to keep you safe and 100% focused on the road turn off your phone. Not only is it dangerous... it’s illegal!

3. Check your car seats.
This is one for all of you parents out there...make sure you check your child's car seat. Make sure it is installed properly and that it is the right fit for your car. More than that, it is so important that you check that your little one is strapped in correctly and isn't put into the car in huge winter coats as it can make the belt less effective. Layers are the way to go in winter when it come to little ones in car seat and if you have a slightly older child then my top tip is to get them to put their coat on backwards over the straps. Works a charm!!

So there are my top tips for staying safe on the road this winter. Now go and check your tyres! :)

note: this is a collaborative post

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