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We live in an area where crime is on the rise. In fact it seems like crime is on the rise all over the U.K. According to the Office for National Statistics as of March 2017 2 in 100 houses have been burgled! I know of at least 3 people who have been burgled in the last year and the thought of that happening to my family terrifies me. Burglary is such an awful crime because someone breaks into and violates your safe space. A house and the things inside it is so much more than just “stuff”. It’s memories, happiness, safety and love and when someone breaks in it can feel like your house is no longer yours. This is why protecting our home is so important to me and why I think everyone needs to look into the best ways to protect their home and their family. 

Yale is a tried and trusted company that has been around for over 175 years making it one of the oldest security companies in the UK. Everyone knows Yale for their locks but they are so much more than that! They offer CCTV, home alarms, intruder alarms, WiFi cameras, smart locks and even saves! Yale’s aim is to make their customers feel so safe and secure that they are free to enjoy their life fully, free of worries and free to choose what they want to do. That sounds pretty perfect to me! So when they asked me if I wanted to review a couple of their products I naturally jumped at the chance.

Before working with Yale we had no security in place. I’d always felt worried about someone breaking in and we had discussed possibly installing some security but something always got in the way. For me, securing our home needed to be a three pronged attack. Firstly we needed to secure our front door better. Secondly we wanted to be able to be able to see what was happening around our properly and lastly we wanted to deter burglars and/or tell the WORLD with a massive alarm if they ever did break in! Thanks to Yale we have managed to fix 2 of these and I can honestly say that I feel safer in my home than ever before.

The first item we had installed was the Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock. This lock is seriously life changing! There is no key hole so no way for someone to pick the lock. It has an internal tamper alarm just incase anyone was ever stupid enough to try to damage it to gain entry. There is no key!!! This is a huge security benefit as there is no need to hide a key outside anywhere as a spare and you don’t have to worry about ever loosing your keys and having to get the locks changed. Your smartphone becomes your key and even then you need your thumb print to use the app so no need to worry if you loose your phone. Because it’s a smart lock you also have the option to send people keys which is perfect for me as if anything ever happened with the boys (like when I went into labour for example) we can send a key to our family’s to allow them to get in and get what we need. This lock has revolutionised our life although it did feel very strange not having keys for the first few days!!

The other item that we were sent was the Smart HD720 CCTV System with 2 cameras. This products is AMAZING and I can honestly say that I have never felt safer thanks to this CCTV. The product itself is brilliant. Featuring live play back and a live feed available on an app you can download on your phone it means that you can see what is happening at anytime from anywhere! Before I talk more about what makes this CCTV so great, I just want to mention the instillation process. With Yale you have an option to have the items installed for you and I had a great guy called Alex come round who installed both our CCTV and the smart lock. He was so knowledgeable, took his time to show me how everything worked and it was like nothing was too much trouble for him. I had a couple of issues with my app when it was first installed and he took responsibility of my query and made sure he got me the answers and help that I needed. He was great and a real credit to the Yale team.
Back to the CCTV... so it not only has the app, you also have the option to attach a monitor to the hard drive to allow viewing on a full screen. The image quality on both the full screen and the app is brilliant. With 16x digital zoom and 30m enhanced night vision, you can see everything!

The best thing about the entire Yale Smart Home range is that it can all connect together. Yale have recently just released a smart home alarm that pulls all of the smart products together to give you the ultimate in home security.

To find out more about the entire Yale range and to see how you can protect your home then head over to the Yale website now.

Note- these items were sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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