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“Nothing in this life is free” 

Being a blogger is great. I work with some amazing brands, I make money making content for big names, I get to work with companies that I never dreamed I’d work with and I get to take my family to amazing events and days outs. Being a blogger is also really hard. I have deadlines, I have a website to maintain, emails to reply to, social media to monitor, tax returns to do all whilst being “on maternity leave” and trying to look after a baby and a 4 year old. I try to do all my work in the 2 days I don’t have Pickle for and in the evenings but sometimes I have to miss swimming lessons or walks to the woods because I have to stay home and work. All of the amazing events we go to are great but sometimes I think people forget that I am working... I have to film our day, take photos, think about what I’ll be writing on the blog. Even though it may look like I’m just gallivanting around all the time and getting loads of free stuff sent to me... I’M NOT AND IT’S NOT FREE!!!!

Even if we park the fact that any items that I’m sent are taxable as gifts so therefore I do technically pay something for them, let’s talk about the amount of work that I do for those “freebies”...we try them when they arrive and whilst we are trying them I’ll take photos. I’ll also then take some photos of the products on their own. Once we’ve tried them out and the photos are taken I then wait until it’s one of the days I can work and the first thing I do is edit the photos. That can take anywhere between 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the amount of photos and the quality of the light and how cooperative the kiddies were when I took them. Once that’s done I then get down to writing the review. Once it’s written it’s time to proof read, edit and insert any links and SEO (search engine optimisation...it’s like tags and words that means the post will show on google and on search engines). Once that’s done I may then have to send it over to the company or to the PR for it to be approved. Sometimes they come back with amendments, other times posts can go live straight away. Once I put it live I then go onto a social media scheduler and schedule tweets and posts to promote the post and reach the relevant hashtags and audiences. Once the post is live and promoted you may think that it’s all done and finished... oh no! I then spend time responding to comments and social media stuff, have to maintain the post and make sure the link doesn’t turn into a broken one and that the SEO is still relevant... it’s constant maintenance and updating. All of this is just for ONE “freebie”.

This doesn’t even touch on all of the other stuff that we bloggers have to do and deal with on a daily basis. Media kits, DA, follower numbers, trolls, pitches, linkies, accounts, business cards, networking...I could go on and on but I don’t want to sound all “woe is me” because as hard as blogging can be it is amazing and I love it. It has introduced me to a whole new world of amazingly talent people and friends and, as I said before, given us opportunities that I’d never dreamt of. More than that, it’s become a source of income for me in the last year which blows my mind and I consider myself so lucky to get to make money from something that I love to do. What I don’t love however is the opinion that bloggers get freebies, always ask for free stuff and that we expect free stuff and experiences because we are bloggers. It is BULL!!! Even if we did pitch to a company for a “free” product.. it’s never going to be free!!

So the next time you see a #ad on Instagram or a review of a product on a blog or their Facebook, rather than thinking it’s just a freebie or getting annoyed because it’s another piece of paid content, leave a comment or like the photo. Paid content is how some people put food on the table or pay for the electric bill. It’s nothing shameful or bad. Remember the amount of work that the blogger has put in for that “freebie” or for that bit of work and show them a little bit of support because I can promise you it will make their day and even a little like goes a long way.

Nothing is free in this world and I can assure you that goes for bloggers as well.

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