Mess Free Painting with Paint Stick! | Review

Pickle loves painting but I dread it!!! Yes it is lovely seeing all of the creative and imaginative things he creates and paints but he makes so much mess! You can guarantee that after he has finished he will have paint all over himself and the table, water all over the place and a HUGE smile on his face because he's has a whale of a time. Mess free painting was something I could only dream about...until I discovered Little Brian Paint Sticks!

I can't believe that I have gone through 4 years of motherhood without knowing about these little beauties. They simple, convenient and most importantly mess free! They look a bit like glue sticks but when you remove the lid and twist you find that it is actually paint. There is no need for water or brushes and you can paint straight from the stick AND it's not just only paper that can be painted on with these little magic sticks. As paint sticks are water soluble they can be used on all sorts of surfaces like wood, canvas and even glass...although you might not want to tell your little one that.

All of the works of art that Pickle created during his mess free painting session dried almost instantly which I really loved as finding places for all of the painting to dry when he has painted with traditional paints drives me mad. Pickle was in his element with these as he was able to lay on the rug in the lounge and paint away to his hearts content without his clean freak mum hanging over his shoulder. I would seriously recommend getting some of these. With prices ranging from £5 to £15 they also won't break the bank.

You can find the full range (including metallic and fabric paint sticks!!!) on the Little Brian website.

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