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To our new neighbors... 

Hi there! Congratulations on your new home. This is a lovely little area and the people around us are wonderful. We’ve been here for 5 years now and we love our little house. It’s the place where we started our family and now it’s the home where we are raising it. I hope you’ll be as happy in our little terrace of properties as we are. 

I just wanted to reach out to you to apologise... well apologise in advance really as we haven’t had anyone live next to us for about 3 years. That means that we don’t have a gauge of our noise level. The past 3 years have been like living in a detached property so we have run around, shouting, singing, stamping, laughing...all noises that I’m sure as a childless young couple you won’t want to hear at 8am on a Saturday morning. We don’t do loud parties and music and drinking as we are exhausted by 9pm but we do have a bit of a noisey house.  But I promise that we are trying to tame the noise. We are telling Pickle that you are next door and that he needs to be mindful and not so loud. I keep reminding Hubby that we have neighbors now and he then tones himself down. To be honest I think he is worse than Pickle! I promise that we will try to keep it down. 

The only thing I can’t promise though is that there won’t be times when we are loud. We have had nights before in our 4 years of parenting where our babies are teething. Teething is an absolute bitch and it really hurts these little tiny people who don’t understand what’s happening. There have been nights and days where our babies are ill. They cry because something hurts and no matter what we do we can’t passify them. There are some days where everything just goes to pot and the babies/kids cry and so do we!! I can promise that we will tone down all our other noise but sometimes we can’t and you might have to listen to one or even both of our children cry for a while. But please know that we will be doing everything we can to help them and to try to stop them crying! 

Anywho... I hope you love your new home and please don’t be scared to tell us if we are being too loud and I’m sorry if you have to listen to crying sometimes. Raising children is really hard  and unfortunately they don’t have a mute button... but my god imagine if they did... it would be heaven!!! :) 

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