Why do we need to judge?!?  |  Blog 

Have you ever heard the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”? Well, I have a new one that I think a lot of people could do with taking heed of... 

“If it doesn’t concern you then keep your nose out!!!” 

In this day and age we all open ourselves up for criticism every day. From an innocence plea for help on a parenting Facebook group to a celebrity posting a parenting related picture. People see this as an opportunity to share their opinions which is fine BUT when they take it as an opportunity to criticise and belittle... that is where they need to keep their opinions to themselves!! 

Recently I have seen two examples of this which just make my blood boil! I don’t agree with everything I see on social media but if I don’t like it or don’t agree then I just scroll on by. I don’t attack the person posting or spend my time crafting a huge response about why the poster is wrong. I simply scroll on by. It’s not hard ūü§∑‍♀️

The first example of this was a few weeks ago when my fellow Lansinoh Feed with Confidence Ambassador Helen Flanagan posted a beautiful picture of her feeding her littlest daughter with a pouch of pur√©e and a spoon. The majority of the comments on the post are nice, supportive and offering suggestions of pur√©es to try like Helen had asked for but a handful of them and downright rude and unnecessary. 

“Babies should NOT be weaned before six months...you are a celebrity and people will follow your suggestions and quite frankly this is dangerous!” 

“How sad that she has been so good at promoting breastfeeding now it’s early weaning and the poor baby can’t even sit up in the highchair” 

“Probs best to take this post done hun...I would be questioning whether or not I wanted to be sued TBH” 

“It shouldn’t even be up for discussion. If you wean early even knowing the risks then your a shit Mum FACT!”

Disgusting right? Just because Helen is a celebrity people think that gives them the right to say whatever they want? Would they call her a “shit mum” to her face? Do they realise what kind of damage this could do to a person? How do they know that Helen isn’t struggling and questioning her parenting skills like we all do every single day? Reading comments like this are not helpful and are just so unnecessary! Maybe people think that because she is a celebrity and in the public eye that it is their right to say things like this? Well my second example shows that it’s not just celebrities that are lucky enough to have idiots on their case! 

Recently on a parenting page that I am part of on Facebook someone asked for some opinions on their childs rash. The poster stated that she had called 111 and was waiting for a call back. Some of the comments floored me... 

“What the hell is wrong with you? Your child has a rash and that could be meningitis! Get off of Facebook and take your baby to the hospital. Idiot!”

“I’m sorry but why are you asking for advice on here? If you’re that concerned and worried then you need to call and ambulance or go to A&E! I don’t understand people like you”

“I would never be posting on here if my child had a rash like that. I’d be straight to A&E as my child is more important to me than getting loads of attention on Facebook. What kind of mother are you?” 

Who do these people think they are? What gives them the right to judge someone else and berate them like this?? The original poster stated that they were seeking medical advice. They just wanted to see if anyone else had experiences of this rash to put her mind at rest or to get some advice. What did she do that was so wrong? Why do people feel that it’s okay to attack her? Personally if I was that concerned about a rash I’d probably call 111 first and then go to A&E if they took too long to call back or it got worse. I’m not about the attack this poor women for her choices though as how is that my place??

I’m all for people sharing their opinions but maybe people need to think before they type and consider if what they are about to send is actually helpful or not regardless of if they are sending it to Jane from Skegness or Helen from Corrie.  


“If it doesn’t concern you then keep your nose out!!!” 


Lansinoh Family... a real family |  Blog 

Let me start this by telling you that this isn’t a paid post. I haven’t been asked to write this and I am not being compensated in anyway for writing it. I want to write this as I feel it’s important. As a society we are always quick to share when a company gets things wrong but do we ever shout about it when they get things really right? Well...get ready to hear me shout!

In my line of work I am lucky enough to work with a lot of different brands. Some of them are great, some of them are okay and some of them are awful BUT every now and again a brand comes along that you just click with. They become more than a brand that you work with. You become cheerleaders for each other. You get to know the people behind the name and you learn about their lives and their background. You develope a special  working relationship that you know has been different because  when your contract ends and you (and they) still want to work together. It’s a rare thing to find now days in a world of number chasing and competition but when it comes along it is really magical.


Blaze - the amazing new HIIT class at David Lloyd Clubs | Review

Some of you may think I am really odd for saying this but I love exercise and I love going to the gym. Going to a class or hitting the treadmill isn't something I do for weight loss or body image purposes (although it does help with both of those!), it's something I do because it makes me feel good. I love nothing more than getting my shimmy on at Zumba or venting the days frustrations at Body Pump. So when I was invited along to try out the brand new Blaze class that is on offer at my local David Lloyd Club in Southend, I jumped at the chance.

Well, to be honest I wouldn't say that I jumped. More like I tentatively accepted the invited and started to get a bit nervous and excited as I'd heard that this class was amazing yet intense. I only had Smidge 5 months ago so I was a bit worried that I may need to get the tenner lady out BUT I shouldn't have panicked because the class was so brilliant and I loved it! 

Blaze is a brand new type of HIIT class which incorporates cardio, combat and strength. It is set in it's own purpose built studio which has state of the art treadmills, boxing equipment and weights. During the class you are guided around the three different stations whist lights and pumping music powers your through. Whilst you are doing the class you wear a Myzone band which measures your heart rate and the effort you are putting into your work out. These scores are converted into colours and percentages which are then shown on a huge screen in the studio, allowing you to see how much effort you are putting in and when. This means that the class gives the empathises on the effort you put in rather than on your overall fitness level which make it a great class for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness. The class give you the opportunity to burn up to 1100 calories in the 45 minutes and it works your whole body. 

As I said at the start, I was originally a bit nervous about going to a Blaze class. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up and that it would be too much for me but it really wasn't. The fact that you have so many instructors in there cheering you on and looking at your progress is amazing as it really keeps you motivated and the HIIT element of the class meant that I was able to go flat out and really work hard but then take a minute or so to get my breath back before starting the next session. 

If you are a David Lloyd Clubs member already then please try this class out. You will not regret it! I wish that I would have gone along sooner because I am now hooked. If you aren't a member of you local club then why not? We have been members now for over 2 years and we love it there. Blaze is just another reason why we go! 

Head over to the David Lloyd Clubs website to find your local club now! 

note: this is a collaborative post


Lenovo Smart Display...the extra pair of hands we all need!  |  Collaboration 

Being a parent means you have to get really good at multitasking. You need to be a cook, a cleaner, a nurse, a entertainer, a house keeper, a personal shopper, an accountant, a mediator, a taxi driver, a personal assistant... the list could go on and on! But, what if I told you that there is now a product out there that can take some of the load? Something that can do some of your jobs for you and act like a second pair of hands? Well my fellow bedraggled, drained parents... let me introduce you to the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant!

A couple of weeks ago Pickle and I headed to London to meet Kimberly Wyatt and the Lenovo team to learn all about the new Smart Display and to do some spooky Halloween cooking with the help of this revolutionary hands free technology.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery | Blog

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I think that 'they' lie and that it's not flattery, it's just bloody annoying. Now I am all for people blogging. I wrote a whole blog post about how 'everyone is a mummy blogger' and how I think that is a wonderful thing because blogging is an amazing outlet BUT if you want to start a blog then don't copy what others are doing. Find your own voice and way of doing things. Don't copy what someone else does.

Now I know that nothing in this world is truly original now days and I am sure that some could see what I do as copying some one in one way or another because as bloggers we all write about current affairs and our own experiences and sometimes they are very similar to others. But I feel that my bog and my social media channels show my style and my personality therefore making it different to others.

This is something that is so hard to explain so I've made a video which hopefully helps me to articulate what I am trying to say better...


I want to go back to work |  Blog 

I get asked if I am going back to work a lot. For some reason people seem to think that you have a baby and then automatically don’t want to go back to work. It’s funny because men are never expected not to go back to work after having a baby but for us women it seems to be a given. What’s even crazier though is the reaction when I tell people that I actually look forward to going back to work. They look at me like I’m some she demon that has just grown another head!! 

Why on earth would I want to go back to work when I have 2 little ones at home that I could be looking after? 

Why did I have children if I’m just going to palm them off and not raise them? 

How could I possibly bare the thought of being away from my babies? 

I enjoy my job. It’s nothing fancy or life changing but I enjoy it. I like going to work, chatting to customers and colleagues and doing a good job. For me, work is like a haven and an escape from the usual Mum chores. For the 8 hours I’m at work for I can drink coffee whilst it’s hot. I get to have lunch in peace and without rushing. I get to talk to other adults about things that aren’t Peppa Pig, dirty nappies or thinking step negotiations. For 8 hours I get to be Ami and I love it. Obviously I am still Mum because my babies never leave my thoughts but I get to be me again. The me that isn’t run ragged by 2 children and a dog. I also go to work to teach my children that if we want to have nice things in life then we have to work for it. Pickle knows that Mummy and Daddy go to work to earn penny’s so that we can have holidays, days out and nice things. I want my boys to grow up knowing that things don’t just fall into your lap and that you have to work. 

I understand though that for some people it isn’t that easy. We are very lucky because we have family around that will happily look after our children so that we can both work. We don’t have to worry about nursery costs or fees and I will always be grateful to my mum and my mother in law for helping us with childcare as it’s made things so much easier for us. We are lucky and I recognise that. But I think that if you have the option to leave your children for a couple of days a week then it is good for them too. Not only do they learn the value of work but they also learn to be a bit more independent of you. Yes you will have to leave them but by doing so your letting them learn how to make friends and that you’ll always come back. 

So yes... in answer to everyone that asks me, yes I will be going back to work and I’m looking forward to it. Hot coffee, chats and time to be me... who wouldn’t want that?? 


Christmas Gift Guide 2018 | Blog

YAYYYYYY!!!! It's that time of year again...Halloween is done, fireworks are finished and the festive songs are on the radio... IT'S CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is my favourite time of year and, as always, I am back with my Christmas gift guide to help any of you out there that are a bit stuck for what to buy this year. Unlike previous year I have consolidated my guides to produce you one super guide with gifts for all the family meaning that all of your gifting needs should be in one place. So...lets jump right in!

For kids ...

Super Wings - Jett's Take off Tower 2 in 1 Play Set - Amazon, Argos, Smyths RRP: £39.99


Going Eco-Friendly with Kit & Kin | Review

We need to do more to reduce our waste. That is a fact! The seas across the globe are getting filled with plastics, landfills are bursting and we just aren't looking after our planet. As a parent, looking after our world for the generations to come is something I am so aware of because my boys and their families will be living in this world so I want to make sure it is the best it can be. Also as a parent, I am very aware of the amount of waste we create..especially at the baby stage! 

Did you know that disposable nappies are the THIRD largest contributors to landfills and in the UK we get through 8 MILLION nappies every single day!!?!? What is more shocking that that is that the average nappy will take 300 to 500 years to biodegrade! That means that the nappy that Smidge is wearing right now will still be around in 2318! Shocking right?? 

Kit and Kin is a relatively new baby brand that is on hand to help reduce our eco footprint whist helping protect our babies delicate skin. This conscientious brand was co-founded by none other than Baby Spice herself Emma Bunton who, being a Mum to two, knows what is needed to make a great baby product. The range commits to using only natural, eco-friendly ingredients and sustainable materials to offer safe and effective every day products. Sounds pretty perfect right? Well, we were sent a couple of items from the range to try and I am pleased to say that they didn't disappoint! 


Don’t Thrive, Just Survive!! |  Blog 

When I fell pregnant with Pickle back in January 2014 I remember how my life changed. Before then, I’d only ever had to worry about myself but suddenly there was someone who was more important than me and my whole life revolved around this new life I created. I took all the vitamins I needed to, used all the lotions and creams on my bump, kept a pregnancy journal and made sure everything I did was with my bump in mind. Then he was born and I was flooded with all of the emotions... immense pride, an overwhelming love and a never ending urge to protect him. My world continued to revolve around my baby. I logged all his firsts in a book, had a phone full of photos and a nursery organised and fit to burst with clothes and nappies for each stage as he got bigger. My life was his and he was my life. I spent all my time making sure he was thriving and that I was thriving as a mother too.

Almost a year ago to the day I saw those lines on the pregnancy test again. We had been lucky enough to fall pregnant with baby number 2 and in my head I had visions of doing everything the same as I’d done before... the journals, the self care, the preparation. But it didn’t happen like that. The pregnancy sped past in a blur of family life. Instead of filling out a pregnancy journal, I was battling a 3 year old to eat his dinner. Instead of going to bed each night and using oils and reading stories to my bump, I was getting into bed and falling asleep instantly as I’d been awake since 5 that morning with Pickle. Instead of thriving in my pregnancy, my goal was to SURVIVE through my pregnancy!!

And that’s seems to have been a theme that has continued now that Smidge is here. I haven’t had time to browse the shops for ages planning his next seasons wardrobe... I forget to write down the date he first smiled in his book... I haven’t got the money to make sure we are stocked in nappies in all the sizes for the next god knows how long. Having 2 children means I just have to survive! Each day I do what it takes to make sure everyone to be fed, watered, clothed, entertained and feels loved. I don’t have time for taking ten billion photos of Smidge blowing a spit bubble because it looks cute. I’ll quickly snap one and then I’ll have to move on because Pickle needs picking up for school or Smidge is going to need a feed.

There is one thing that hasn’t changed and that will never change though and that is the emotions. Even though we may be surviving and not thriving I will never stop feeling the immense pride, the overwhelming love and a never ending urge to protect BOTH my boys until the day I die.
One day we will thrive again but for now we will just survive!