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YAYYYYYY!!!! It's that time of year again...Halloween is done, fireworks are finished and the festive songs are on the radio... IT'S CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is my favourite time of year and, as always, I am back with my Christmas gift guide to help any of you out there that are a bit stuck for what to buy this year. Unlike previous year I have consolidated my guides to produce you one super guide with gifts for all the family meaning that all of your gifting needs should be in one place. So...lets jump right in!

For kids ...

Super Wings - Jett's Take off Tower 2 in 1 Play Set - Amazon, Argos, Smyths RRP: £39.99

This is right at the top of Pickles list for Santa this year and for once it's a gift that I don't mind Santa bringing him. It's not loud or huge or a pain to store. In fact it's actually not only a play set, it's storage for his little Super Wings Pop 'n Transform planes which is a bonus.  This play set is perfect for children age 3 years plus as it unfolds and opens up to allow your little one to play out their Super Wings stories inside of it. I think it is a very fair price for what you get and it is something that I am sure Pickle will play with for a long time if he is lucky enough to get it from Santa.

Disney Guess the Film from Jumbo Games - Amazon, Smyths, The Entertainer RRP: £24.99

Recently Pickle has really got into playing games and this Disney game from Jumbo is perfect for us to play with him. The game works a little bit like catchphrase as you have lots of little windows that you open each time you roll the dice. Each window you open reveals a little more of a still from a Disney film and the person who guess the film first os the winner and gets a little disney token. You can then play as many stills as you like and whomever has the most tokens wins. There are three different levels of stills and over 100 different stills to choose from meaning that you can play this game for hours on end!

Mini Hornet LIDS Helmet - https://www.thehornit.com/ RRP: £29.99

Most children now days either ride bikes or scoot to school which is a great way for them to get active BUT sometimes it can be a battle to get them to wear a helmet to protect them should they fall off. The mini hornit helmet is the helmet that you won't have to fight to get you child to wear. They come in a range of cool designs and they even have a flashing LED light on the back to help keep them safe as the nights start to draw it earlier. It's light weight, it's comfortable and it is a helmet that your kids will actually want to wear making it the perfect gift this Christmas.

For babies... 

Kit and Kin Baby Bundle- Kinandkin.com RRP £29.99
If you saw my recent full review of the Kit & Kin range (check it out here if you missed it) you will know that we love the baby bubble bath they we were sent. It smells amazing and is so soft and gentle on delicate skin. For something a little special at Christmas I think that the Baby Bundle would make the perfect gift. The set comes with a bubble bath, hair & body wash, a body oil and a pot of the amazing magic salve. It comes presented in a beautiful box and it a great price at under £30.

Matchstick Monkey Gift Set - Matchstickmoney.com RRP  £29.95

Matchstick Monkey is the BEST teething brand I have found. They products are not just amazing quality (made from BPA free, FDA and CE certified food grade silicone), they are the most well thought out and effect teething toys. The gift set includes a Dancing Monkey Teething Toy, a Knitted Hanging Monkey Toy and a 100% organic Cotton Muslin with a chew able, silicone label. This gift set is honestly a steal at £29.95 and I can't recommend it enough. It is not only the perfect gift for babies, it's a gift for the parents too as it will help them get through those awful teething times.

Rolling Sensory Balls - Mothercare RRP £6.00
These little rolling balls make the perfect gift for babies as they will can chew them, shake them, throw them and they will even be able to crawl or run after them as they get older. At just £6.00 they make the perfect stocking filler.

For him...

Addictaball 3D Puzzle Ball - findmeagift.com RRP £11.99

This is a great, inexpensive present that will keep the man in your life busty for hours. My husband is so stubborn and determine that he would never be able to let a puzzle like this beat him so he would spend hours trying to solve something like this...giving me plenty of time to be in charge of the TV. Win win situation!! At only £11.99 this would make a great, fun, entertaining gift for Christmas.

Leather Wallet - ASOS, John Lewis, Most High Street Stores RRP as much as you want to spend!
Wallets are always a winner when it comes to men and they are such a great gift as you can find one to suit every style and every budget. Personally I like to get a wallet that is personalised and has a little message inside as I think it's a lovely touch.

One World Futbol - Amazon RRP £35.00

This football is a game changer especially if you have a man who loves a kick around but who also has kids and/or a dog which usually equals lots of popped and deflated balls. The One World Futbol is completely UNPOPPABLE!!! It will never go flat and it will never need a pump. I told you it was a game changer. This football is not only built to withstand the harshest environments and roughest play, it is the same size and weight as a traditional football giving you the usual great experience when you have a kick about. More than that, with every purchase helps to fund play projects that enable play for youth living in disadvantaged communities all over the world! Amazing right? So you can buy this gift knowing that you are giving back to those less fortune too.

For her...

Pandora Charm - Pandora RRP prices vary
I love Pandora and I think they have featured on my gift guides for as long as I have been doing them. I think that the Pandora Charms are so expensive looking and have a luxury feel for a price that is so reasonable and won't break the bank. They now do a Disney range as well so as you can imagine I want pretty much the whole range!!

Wood Chopping Board with Kitchen Conversions - findmeagift.com RRP £12.99

How many times have you been in the kitchen cooking up a storm when the recipe suddenly asks for 4 oz of flour? How much is 4 oz of flour in today's weight?? I end up having to frantically google the answer but thanks to this amazing hopping board you will never have to google it again. This chopping board is full of conversions for dry and liquid measures and it even converts temperatures too. I know it's meant to be a chopping board but to be honest I think it's a bit too nice to cut stuff on!

Spa day Voucher - buyagift.co.uk RRP prices vary
I am yet to find a woman who would love a spa day for Christmas! Us woman seem to be constantly on the go what with home life, school runs, dinners, working...we never stop and a spa day is the perfect time to unwind, relax and recharge. The Buy a Gift website has loads of different options for spa experiences and days so I would definitely recommend checking it our to find the perfect gift for the special lady in your life this Christmas.

So there we have it. My gift guide is live and done for another year. I really hope this will help some of you with some great ideas for Christmas this year.

Note: some of these gifts were sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own

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