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Let me start this by telling you that this isn’t a paid post. I haven’t been asked to write this and I am not being compensated in anyway for writing it. I want to write this as I feel it’s important. As a society we are always quick to share when a company gets things wrong but do we ever shout about it when they get things really right? Well...get ready to hear me shout!

In my line of work I am lucky enough to work with a lot of different brands. Some of them are great, some of them are okay and some of them are awful BUT every now and again a brand comes along that you just click with. They become more than a brand that you work with. You become cheerleaders for each other. You get to know the people behind the name and you learn about their lives and their background. You develope a special  working relationship that you know has been different because  when your contract ends and you (and they) still want to work together. It’s a rare thing to find now days in a world of number chasing and competition but when it comes along it is really magical.

This is the way I feel about the Lansinoh family. I first received an email from their E-commerce manager back in April of this year when I was about 7 months pregnant with Smidge. I can’t tell you how excited I was that a well known brand such as Lansinoh wanted to work with little old me. My blog had only really just started to take off and this was probably the second big collaboration I'd had come through. I agreed to work with them for three months once Smidge was born documenting my breastfeeding journey and even from the early conversations I knew that they were going to be great work for. Once Smidge was born, I started to correspond with them more and more as I was back and forth with work drafts and video ideas. We worked together on product reviews, blog posts and as much as it was great to be working for them and being paid to do so, it was just a good to be working with a brand that was so passionate and shared my vision on women feeding confidently as and when they want to.

Then came the real turning point in my relationship with Lansinoh. I was asked to be a Feed with Confidence Ambassador for them. They run a Feed with Confidence Awards programme which you can read all about in a blog post here. When I got the email asking me, I was shocked that out of all the bloggers they knew and worked with that it was little old me they chose. It felt like a huge achievement to have been recognised as an advocate for confident feeding and I am and will always be proud of being an ambassador for them. The ambassadorship lead to an invitation to attend the  Mother and Baby awards 2019. This was my chance to finally meet the people behind the emails, messages and calls and even though I was unbelievably nervous of attending such a huge event, I am so pleased that I did because meeting the team was fantastic.

I spent the majority of my night talking to the Lansinoh team and I am overwhelmed and motivated by their passion and their visions. Lansinoh is a brand that genuinely care so much about what they do and they are so passionate about trying to find solutions for breastfeeding mothers. For them, it isn't about sales or pushing products...it is all about promoting confidence breastfeeding and providing products that help women feel more confident to feed be that at home or in public. Their pumps are made with our needs in mind. Their bottles are made to offer the best solution. Their HP Lanolin cream is made to help those suffering through the horrendous pain that cracked nipples (you won't knkow how much it hurts until you've been there!). Don't believe me and think I am only saying this because I have worked for them before?? Look through their Instagram feed. 90% of the pictures they posts are breastfeeding pictures or messages of support. Their products hardly feature on the feed at all! On Facebook, they share stories of support and encourage conversation around normalising breastfeeding. Lansinoh is more than just a brand. It is a family that is there to support all women and I am so proud to have been part of that family for a short while.

So thank you Lansinoh. Thank you from me for giving me opportunities that I never even thought possible and for believing in me and what I stand for. And thank you from us. From the mothers who are fighting with  babes that won't latch. From the mothers having to return to work and start expressing. And from the mothers all over the world who share your vision that every woman who be able to feed confidently. Thank you!

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