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Have you ever heard the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”? Well, I have a new one that I think a lot of people could do with taking heed of... 

“If it doesn’t concern you then keep your nose out!!!” 

In this day and age we all open ourselves up for criticism every day. From an innocence plea for help on a parenting Facebook group to a celebrity posting a parenting related picture. People see this as an opportunity to share their opinions which is fine BUT when they take it as an opportunity to criticise and belittle... that is where they need to keep their opinions to themselves!! 

Recently I have seen two examples of this which just make my blood boil! I don’t agree with everything I see on social media but if I don’t like it or don’t agree then I just scroll on by. I don’t attack the person posting or spend my time crafting a huge response about why the poster is wrong. I simply scroll on by. It’s not hard 🤷‍♀️

The first example of this was a few weeks ago when my fellow Lansinoh Feed with Confidence Ambassador Helen Flanagan posted a beautiful picture of her feeding her littlest daughter with a pouch of purée and a spoon. The majority of the comments on the post are nice, supportive and offering suggestions of purées to try like Helen had asked for but a handful of them and downright rude and unnecessary. 

“Babies should NOT be weaned before six months...you are a celebrity and people will follow your suggestions and quite frankly this is dangerous!” 

“How sad that she has been so good at promoting breastfeeding now it’s early weaning and the poor baby can’t even sit up in the highchair” 

“Probs best to take this post done hun...I would be questioning whether or not I wanted to be sued TBH” 

“It shouldn’t even be up for discussion. If you wean early even knowing the risks then your a shit Mum FACT!”

Disgusting right? Just because Helen is a celebrity people think that gives them the right to say whatever they want? Would they call her a “shit mum” to her face? Do they realise what kind of damage this could do to a person? How do they know that Helen isn’t struggling and questioning her parenting skills like we all do every single day? Reading comments like this are not helpful and are just so unnecessary! Maybe people think that because she is a celebrity and in the public eye that it is their right to say things like this? Well my second example shows that it’s not just celebrities that are lucky enough to have idiots on their case! 

Recently on a parenting page that I am part of on Facebook someone asked for some opinions on their childs rash. The poster stated that she had called 111 and was waiting for a call back. Some of the comments floored me... 

“What the hell is wrong with you? Your child has a rash and that could be meningitis! Get off of Facebook and take your baby to the hospital. Idiot!”

“I’m sorry but why are you asking for advice on here? If you’re that concerned and worried then you need to call and ambulance or go to A&E! I don’t understand people like you”

“I would never be posting on here if my child had a rash like that. I’d be straight to A&E as my child is more important to me than getting loads of attention on Facebook. What kind of mother are you?” 

Who do these people think they are? What gives them the right to judge someone else and berate them like this?? The original poster stated that they were seeking medical advice. They just wanted to see if anyone else had experiences of this rash to put her mind at rest or to get some advice. What did she do that was so wrong? Why do people feel that it’s okay to attack her? Personally if I was that concerned about a rash I’d probably call 111 first and then go to A&E if they took too long to call back or it got worse. I’m not about the attack this poor women for her choices though as how is that my place??

I’m all for people sharing their opinions but maybe people need to think before they type and consider if what they are about to send is actually helpful or not regardless of if they are sending it to Jane from Skegness or Helen from Corrie.  


“If it doesn’t concern you then keep your nose out!!!” 

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