#instagramyourcar with Tyre City | Collaboration 

Note - this is a collaborative post

Instagram is obviously a huge part of my life because as a blogger I am on there quite a lot. I’m not the kind of person who has a theme or anything like that. I post pictures of whatever I want, whenever I want and recently when I posted a picture of my poor car after it had been broken into, I was introduced to a whole new world of instagram!!

Cars of Instagram!!

How did I not know that this was a thing before?? People take some really amazing and professional shots of their cars and share across social media. My brother actually takes some amazing photos of his car (I used his photo above!) and I never really understood why until recently. I suppose that these cars are like children to the owners. They are their pride and joy so why shouldn’t they want to show them off?

Tyre City, who offer the best range of car tyres at low prices, sent me an infographic that they created to help people take “Instagram - worthy” shots of their cars. I think I could use some of these in my day to day instagramming too!!

They also sent through the list of the most instagrammed cars as you can see above and I was amazing (and secretly a little pleased) to see that some normal, family cars made the list like the Ford Focus and the Honda Civic!

So there you have it! Top tips to help you become the next top car instagrammer!

You are welcome :)

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