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Let me start this post by explaining that we were gifted out first half term of lessons in return for this review BUT we love the classes so much (for the reasons I will explain in a moment) that we have paid for the next term worth of lessons ourselves. So yes this post is an #ad but it is my honest opinion and if I didn't think that the classes were brilliant then I wouldn't have paid to go back. Now that is out of the way...let me introduce you to a class that has changed Pickle in such an amazing way! 

If you have read my blog for a while then you will know that I have always worried a little bit about Pickles speech. There was a time when he was about 2/3 years old that I actually tried to get speech therapy for him because I was so worried. It wasn't that he didn't talk...my god that boy can talk for England...it was more that he wasn't pronouncing certain sounds properly and if you didn't know him then you couldn't really understand him. But, because health visitors and doctors told me that developmentally he was fine, I pushed it to the back of my mind.

A couple of months ago I had a message from a lovely lady called Lauren explaining that she ran a children phonics class in my area. She invited Pickle and I along to try them out in return for a review on my blog. Pickle loves classes and before he started pre school he attended cooking classes and loved it and as this phonics class fitted in with his school times I figured we'd give it a go. I'd never heard of phonics classes before so had no expectations and had no idea what it would do for Pickle. I just through it would be a bit of fun for him on a Thursday afternoon. I was right that it was going to be fun but I had no idea how much these classes would help Pickle and how they would ignite a love in him for all things letters and phonics.

Sounds Right Phonics Classes are high energy, fun classes for children aged 3 months all the way to 4 years that introduce children to a whole world of literacy and phonics. Even those these classes are hugely educational they are also filled to the brim with fun! At Lauren's classes we start with the hello song. This song is a lovely way to relax the children into the class and it's seriously catchy and Pickle sings it all week long (along with the balancing song which I'll mention later). Once this is done we then find out which letter we are focusing on for the week. Each letter has a very simple song and an action to help the children remember. This is perfect for Pickle and he really reacts to this well. During the 45 minute class the children play games to help them understand how the letter is used and the different sounds it makes. What makes this class so engaging for the children is the structure. The kids will sit, doing some singing and use their brains to learn about the letters for a bit but then they have a break and get to dance and run about BUT even when they are doing the 'non learning' bits they are still (unknowingly to them) learning. Every week Pickle goes to the 'doh disco' where the children dance around with a ball of play doh and they have to do certain actions. This is to help their fine motor skills. They also dance to a balancing song (one of Pickles favorites) which is fine tuning their gross motor skills. It's such a well structured class which is educational whilst keeping the children engaged and entertained... PERFECTION!

So that is what the children do in the classes but what do they take away from it? Well, Pickle has always been a numbers boy. He loves counting and at the age of 4 can count easily to 30 but since he has started Sounds Right Phonics classes he has a new found love for words and letters. During the week he will see things and tell me what letter they start with and the sound they make. He is spelling words out to me and tells me when he can see and read different letters. All of this aside the biggest difference I have seen is with his speech. He now pronounces most words and sounds properly and can have conversations with other adults without me having to translate for them. I am so pleased that the classes have helped him so much and I am so grateful to Lauren for approaching me as without her I wouldn't have known that these classes were around and Pickle wouldn't have got the help he obviously needed.

As I have already said, I really do recommend these classes, so much so that we have paid to take Pickle back this year. My only regret is that we didn't know about these classes sooner. I won't be making the same mistake with Smidge and will be taking him along to the younger classes in September once Pickle starts school full time and we have some more time.

To find a class local to you then head over the the Sounds Right website here

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