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I don’t know about you but in our house I am the person who holds things together. I tend to keep everyone’s lives running like clockwork and that includes looking after everyone when they are ill. My family are the most important thing in the world to me so why wouldn’t I look after them and always put them before myself? But what happens when I’m ill? Who looks after me and the house then?

Who makes the beds?
Who opens the curtains? 
Who sterilises the bottles? 
Who makes breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the family? 
Who empties and re-stacks the dishwasher?
Who goes to get food and medicine? 
Who sets the alarms so that the family get their antibiotics and cold and flu tablets at the right times? 
Who cleans the toilet after the family have thrown up? 
Who sprays dettol everywhere and cleans the house to stop the germs from spreading? 
Who washes all the towels and bedding to clean up the sick/snot/sweat? 
Who picks up all the used tissues that get left everywhere?
Who folds all the laundry and puts it away so we have clothes to wear? 
Who walks the dog because she’s not been out in days and going stir crazy? 
Who changes dirty nappies and dresses the kids? 
Who remembers that a magazine the boy had wanted for 2 weeks is going on sale so call the shop to get a copy but aside for him? 
Who contacts work and school to explain everyone is sick? 
Who empties the bins that are overflowing with tissues and empty tablet packs?
Who makes drinks for everyone all day long to make sure they are staying hydrated? 
Who makes snacks to make sure everyone is eating? 
Who tidies up the toys for the hundredth time in the day because the kids are now tired? 
Who has tired to make a coffee 5 times by 11am but still hasn’t managed it? 

Who does all of this in your house? Because in my house I am pretty sure that the magic housework fairy is expected to do it. Well...if she doesn't turn up then I suppose I will just have to do it then! 

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