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Recently I was told by someone that I needed to self care. She said that my heart was heavy with pressures of the day and that I couldn't pour from an empty cup. To be honest, it came as no great shock. I can't tell you how many times my friends have told me to slow down and how shocked people are when I tell them all of what I do. It wasn't until I really thought about how much I actually do and what responsibility I carry around that I realised how much I need to slow down.

The daily care of the children
Food shops
Meal plans
Clothes shopping
Cleaning the house
Keeping track of the extra curricula stuff
Running my blog
Maintaining 3 social media accounts
Part time work at a bank (although I am on maternity leave at the moment)
Insurance renewals
Pet grooming appointments and vet appointments 
Planning a 30th birthday party
Running our calendars
Directing a pantomime
Walking the dog

Basically I am trying to run a house, look after, raise and teach two children in the hopes they will become decent human beings, look after a dog, run a business and direct a panto. No wonder I am burning myself out! But...I thought I gave myself 'me' time. I go to the gym...I see my friends...I do things for me. Why isn't that enough? Have I got self care wrong?  I think I have. 

The more I have thought about things recently the more I have realised that self care isn't going to the gym or getting out of the house for a couple of hours. It's not expensive spa days and trips away. Self care is listening to what you want to do deep down. It's putting what you want first for once and actually doing it. It's eating that bar of chocolate or making time to go for that bath. It's watching the end of Eastenders before you start tidying up. 

It is more than just doing something for you though. It's about being kind to yourself. 

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