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Self-care is one of the latest trends that is taking the world (and social media) by storm. As far as trends go,
this is one of the good ones, and it’s a lot better than some of its alternatives. Thankfully, people have
started to spend some time caring for themselves, in a world that is slowly becoming a place that doesn’t
see caring for yourself emotionally as a weakness. It’s pretty great.

However, looking after yourself can be pretty difficult, especially if you’re not used to spending time on
yourself (hello, busy Mums). We’ve put together some simple tips, so that you can nail your self-care,
without having to do three hours of yoga a day!

1. Take some time out, just for you
If you have any free time, you may be used to spending it with your friends, or your husband, or your other
family members. This is great (and vital for your sanity) but sometimes, you just need to be by yourself.
This will help you to organise all of the thoughts in your mind, it will enable you to just sit back and relax,
and you will feel rejuvenated as a result. You can do this in a multitude of ways, from spending an extra 10
minutes in that bubble bath, to going out for a coffee by yourself with a good book. It’s only a brief time
spent away from the stresses of daily life, but it’s a great way to look after yourself.

2. Treat yourself to something, however small
Sometimes, you really want something, but you put it to the back of your mind. Especially if you’re a Mum,
you tell yourself that you would much rather spend this money on your kids, and spending money on
what you want can even make you feel quite guilty. However, treating yourself to something, however
small (or boring) it may seem, is vital for your sanity. Whether you’ve always wanted to get your teeth
whitened at the orthodontist, or you want to flick through the latest issue of Vogue, go and do these things
every once in a while. It’s nothing to feel guilty about; you have needs, too!

3. Sleep, and eat, enough
A lot of people (Mums especially) don’t eat enough - or healthily enough - and don’t sleep as much as they
should, either. In fact, have you ever seen a parent that isn’t absolutely exhausted? However, getting in as
much sleep as you can is really important, as it will be detrimental to your day if you’re really tired, and
you’re trying to manage a lot of stuff when you’d rather just be asleep. When it comes to eating, don’t just
make do with the leftovers of what you’ve cooked for your kids. Ensuring that you are well-nourished is
also key to staying alert and awake when you’re on the go, and if you’re not, you may be even more tired
(no thank you!).

So, if you want to look after yourself - the simple way - then why not try out these simple tips? Good luck!

note: this is a collaborative post

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