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On the 12th March 2019 I will be turning 30.


How is that even possible?!? I feel like I am still the naive, bright eyed 21 year old who has just moved into a flat with her boyfriend and who is out at the pub every weekend when in fact I am a almost 30 year old, married, homeowner, mother of 2! Crazy!!

So I thought I would reminisce over the last 30 years by listing 30 things I have achieved before turning 30. That's a lot of 30 right?!

1. I had 2 beautiful, healthy baby boys

2. I married the love of my life

3. We brought a house

4. We brought a dog

5. I have the best family that I could ever ask for that have been there for me for the past 30 years.

6. I married into a family that have been so supportive and more than I could have ever asked for.

7. I learnt that it isn't about the number of friends you have, it's about having a small, army of wonderful friends who are there for you no matter what.

8. I worked up to being a manager

9. I took a step back at work for my mental health

10. I started a blog

11. I started to make YouTube videos

12. We went on safari in Kenya

13. I auditioned for the X Factor

14. We remodeled out kitchen, garden and bathroom

15. I joined a gym

16. I have seen over 10 West End musicals.

17. I have worked with some amazing brands through my blog

18. I got to the finals of the 'We've Got Talent' awards at work

19. I got a place at university and chose not to go.

20. We traveled to France, Canary Island, Majorca, Forest of Dean, Southampton and many other places.

21. We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.

22. I learnt how to cook risotto and bolognase sauce.

23. We brought a family car.

24. I made the finals of the Blogging in Brilliance awards in the Fresh Voice category

25. I learnt about hypnobirthing and became passionate about women's birth rights

26. I found out that I am a lot more spiritual that I thought I was

27. We went to a VIP event at Peppa Pig world which made Pickles year!

28. I learnt that I am stronger than I ever gave myself credit for.

29. I don't like and will never like gin or olives

30. Turning 30 isn't really that bad and I am pretty proud of what I have achieved in these past 30 years!

Lets see what the next 30 years old then shall we?

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