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Note: This is a collaborative post

With the bit of warmth and sun we’ve had recently, I’ve started daydreaming of the long spring and
summer days that will soon be around the corner. I’m longing for sun and hoping for less dressing
myself and the boys up with tons of layers before heading out of the door. It’s a known fact that I love
keeping myself up to date with the trends – especially if it involves sparkly things and no winter jacket!
But I also love checking out what the latest trends are for kids at the turn of a new season. So today,
inspired by the children’s fashion shows I recently watched, I want to present you with a short recap
of my favourite children fashion trends for spring and summer 2019.

Another Boho Season Is upon Us!

The boho chic style that has been trending for several years is apparently here to stay! Boho chic is a
soft and feminine trend with bohemian and hippie influences, hence the abbreviation "boho". The
style draws inspiration from the 60s and 70s, with loose cuts; fluid, soft and vaporous fabrics; neutral,
earthy colours, and materials such as leather, wood, aged metal, stones, linen and raw cotton all
featuring in designs.

If this sounds up your street, rejoice! The fashion collections of spring/summer 2019 will seduce all you bohemians and romantics out there. But more importantly, the boho-chic trend is forecast to dominate designer children's clothes, too.

Image from David Charles website

Eco-Fashion Continues to Be Trending

This past year, sustainable and fair fashion brands kept cropping up everywhere. With clothing made
from recycled materials and with a lower ecological footprint, there’s little not to love about
the eco-fashion trend that will continue to boom this year. While clothes shopping for your child in
2019, you will notice more and more brands offering fashion collections dedicated entirely to our little
ones. These clothes are environmentally friendly and an amazing way to make your child aware of
our responsibility to take care of our planet. Definitely one of my favourite trends!

Trench Coats... Not Only for Adults!

Every adult wardrobe contains a few staple essentials and many of them include a trench coat. There
will always be someone ready to call you Inspector Gadget, but I personally think they’re great. It’s a
basic that can add a little pizzazz to any outfit. And in 2019, the trench coat is also taking over
our children’s wardrobes. That’s great news! A wonderful multi-tasker, the trench coat will see your
kids out of the winter months and into spring. For girls, it can be paired with some ballerina shoes
and a skirt for the perfect Parisian-chic look. For boys, opt for bright trousers and a lovely knit. In both
cases, a scarf will tie the whole look together perfectly.

Overalls for All!

It’s a known fact that kids don’t like to be cinched at the waist or have to wear excessively tight
clothing. And boy, do I understand them! Enter overalls, onesies and jumpsuits as a wonderful trend
to be seen in spring and summer 2019. I personally think they look adorable. The only drawback is
that they can be a little tricky to take off. If your toddler still wears nappies, it’s best to consider an
option that has a button-opening around the crotch area for convenience.

Accessories to Jazz Things up

Whether it be some sunglasses, hair clips or hats, an affordable way to turn your child’s outfit into
something playful and trendy is to add a few accessories! It will be no surprise to hear that bohemian
accessories are trending this spring and summer, with straw bags, flowy hats, silk scarves and
oversized sunglasses abounding on the catwalk. Let your kids express themselves and be creative
by letting them accessorising their outfits themselves!

Image from David Charles website

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