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Note: This is a collaborative post

Ever fancied going somewhere a bit more exotic than Spain or France but worried that you can’t because you’ve got kids? Well going further afield with kids shouldn’t be a worry. I’ve got my top tips for travelling long haul with kids right here for you.

1. Get yourself prepared for the flight 
Some kids are wonderful and will sit happily on a 12 hour flight napping, watching films, reading and playing with little toys... just like Pickle. Other kids, like Smidge, get ants in their pants and won’t stop moving for 5 seconds. My first tip is to make sure you’re prepared for the flight. Think about what your kids react to and pack your hand luggage accordingly. Visit your local pound shop and stock up on stickers, little blind bags, colouring books, treats, snacks and small toys that they haven’t seen before. Hopefully that will make the flight a little easier. If not just grab yourself a big glass of wine and remember that it is only 12 hours!

2. Research your accommodation 
Finding the right place to stay is so important when you have kids. It’s so important to find somewhere that is family friendly and that will have everything you will need. Villa finder is an amazing website that sources villas services in Bali, Phuket, Samui, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. They can help find something perfect for your family in the most exotic locations. You can also research your accommodation before booking on a travel review site to get real time reviews from other travelers.

3. Don’t be scared of exploring 
Sometimes the best days are the days that are spontaneous and unplanned. Don’t be scared of just going with the flow and exploring your chosen destination. Kids love an adventure and seeing it through their eyes makes it all the more special. Find natural beauty spots, secluded beaches and local shops and restaurants and give your family a taste of real travelling rather than planning everything to the last minute.

And there you have it! My top tips for going long haul with kids. Basically do your research, have fun and soak up every second of it as it will be an amazing experience!

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