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My word for 2019 was 'less'. I wanted a year of less stress, less dramas and less waste. I can't say that the first couple of months of 2019 have been less stress for or had less dramas but I do think we have managed to achieve the last one. We have made some small changes in our house that have not only help us to waste less and send less waste to landfill BUT have also helped us to spend less money and I am so pleased with what we have done.

1. Reusable Baby Wipes from Cheekywipes

(note: this wipe pack was gifted to us but all opinions are honest and my own.)

As a family we use an obscene amount of baby wipes! When we are at home I use them for nappy changes and then when we are out and about we use them to clean up mucky hands and faces. I am okay about using baby wipes for bum change but what I hate is the amount of wipes it takes to clean up the kids when we are out. When we are at home I use a flannel after meals and snacks but it isn't practical to take a flannel out with you and find somewhere to clean the kids. That is where the Cheeky Baby Wipes Hand and Face kit comes in. This kit is all you need to create your own reusable baby wipes at home and to take out and about. The kit comes with your choice of material wipes. I went for cotton flannel ones but you can choose cotton terry or bamboo velour and they come in a huge range of colours. You then get a choice of which colour box you would like and if you would like an additional extras. We were very kindly sent 25 reusable wipes, a storage box, a mucky bag and a fresh bag along with some essential oils to make the wipes smell lush!

These wipes are so easy to use. All you do is fill the storage box up to the line and then add your essential oils and pop the wipes in. They stay fresh for about 2-3 days in the box. Taking them out the house is so easy too. All you do is pop however many wipes you want into the fresh draw string bag (I usually take 6 wipes and that’s enough for a day out with 2 kids) and then take the empty mucky bag with you too. When you are out all you do is take a wipe from the fresh bag, clean your kiddie up and then pop the used wipe into the messy bag. Once your home you can unzip the mesh insert from the mucky bag, pop it in the wash and your done.
So super easy and a great way to reduce the amount of wipes that we send to landfill.
You can see the whole range from Cheeky Wipes here

2. Eco Egg
I bought myself one of these after seeing someone talk about them on Facebook. This is basically an egg that is filled with little balls of natural mineral pellets that wash your clothes without any harsh chemicals and unnecessary waste. The eco egg is dermatologically tested ad is literally the only thing you need in your wash. No detergent, no softener...the only thing I may add sometimes is a little bit of stain remover if the babies clothes are really bad. The egg really does everything. The best part about this egg is the price. The 720 wash egg is £24.99 which works out at just under 4p per wash!! Saving money and saving the environment...win win!!!

3. Reusable Make up Wipes
I used to take my make up off every night with one, sometimes two, make up wipes. That was over 30 wipes a month that I would be throwing away so I figured that I'd research into reusable make up wipes. I found a really cute print from a seller on Instagram (missmaisiemakes check out her Etsy page here https://www.etsy.com/shop/MissMaisieMakesShop ) and she had the cutest prints that she uses to make reusable make up wipes. I brought 4 wipes from her for just £5.00 and they are brilliant! I use one or two wipes each night with some micellar water and then just pop them in the washing basket to go through the wash. I have seen a huge difference in my skin and I have felt the difference in my pocket! My only recommendation would be to order more than 4 wipes unless your going to wash and dry them every day. I've just ordered another 6 which will give me 10 which I think is going to be the right amount for me.

So there you have it...these are the small changes that we have made to try to make a different to our planet. I know that there is so much more I could be doing and the next things that I want to explore s around toiletries such as deodorant and possible shampoo bars. Please do let me know what you do to try to reduce your footprint as I would love to get your hints and tips.

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