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The other day I was clearing through my emails when I saw one from my mum which was odd because she hardly ever sends emails and she hadn’t told me she had sent anything to me. I clicked into it and there was an attachment named “A letter to my daughter as you turn 30”. My wonderful Mum has written a letter to me all about her thoughts and feelings as my birthday approaches. I couldn’t make it to the end without tears and I know she could either. She has very kindly said I can post it on here which I’m so pleased about because it is too beautiful not to share. So... here we go...

A letter to my daughter as you turn 30

I still remember it like it was yesterday, the day you were born and changed my life forever. This little bundle of pink, born at 9.05am, weighing 7lb 2oz and with a mass of jet black hair. I instantly fell in love with you and have loved you ever since.

Your great nan would have loved you so much but sadly we lost her when you was 2 days old. It’s strange how history repeats as we lost your dear Brissy when Pickle was only 4 months old. It’s never easy loosing someone you love so close to gaining something you love more than anything and it’s a pain I’m sad we’ve both had to go through. 

Anyway, you were the most content baby, who grow into a fun loving toddler. You loved to dance, dress up, all things Disney & play Barbies..you were just so happy. That jet black hair soon became Barbie blonde and you grew into a child. You did well at school, had lots of friends, enjoyed dance and drama and boy did you love the spice girls. Seeing your passion for musical theatre was wonderful. I always got a lump in my throat when we watched you up on stage and that happens even now! Some things never change. We had holidays and made lots of memories. I remember when we took you to Disneyland Paris when you were about 6. You loved “It’s A Small World” and we rode it about 100 times. I think your dad is still traumatised by that song! But that trip started your love of Disneyland and it become your special place. 

Things weren’t always easy for you though. For 8 years you’d been an only child. Suddenly your brothers came along. One when you were 8 years old and the other when you were 10. Not sure you were so keen on them too start but you soon got over it and loved them. But we, as a family, had to adjust and moved house and area. You settled easily into secondary school, again becoming popular, hard working and still dancing/acting. I remember watching you play Sandy in Grease and also when you were a 14 year old directing the entire school production of Oliver! We was super proud and got that lump once again!

We got through the teenage years pretty unscathed. Your teenage years went in a flash and one of my regrets is not spending time with you having girly days as I had your brothers who took a lot of my attention. I’m sad that we missed out on that time and that I didn’t get to spend more time with you but I’m sure you understand now that have two children under 5 years old can be all consuming. But time moved on and on your 21st birthday you left home to move in with your now hubby and we grew close again. We had girly days out, trips to the theatre and even went to see the Spice Girls AND we are going again June 2019 woohoo!!! I got to be mum of the bride in 2012 and you shocked me as you wasn’t a Bridzilla! You were a beautiful bride and we were was so proud of you that day. I’ll never forget how dads speech had everyone in tears (including you) so I gave you a tissue. I didn’t realise it was an Aloe Vera tissue which stung your eyes and we couldn’t stop laughing! 

Then, in 2014, you allowed me to be part of a most magical experience, the birth of your first son. This is in my all time top 10 life moments. Seeing my little girl become a mumma herself is something that I can’t explain and what a super mum you are! Now I’m crying as I type this bit! What’s more, you didn’t allow me to experience this just once...you invited me in the share the moment again in 2018 when Smidge entered the world. The whole magical ,if scary, experience was another that I will never forget and your strength and calmness during that time amazes me. Thank you both so much for sharing these milestones in your life with me. Both your boys make my heart swell with love and I love being a Nanny. Being a nanny is such a different kind of love to a motherly love but one that is just as strong.

I am so proud of everything you have achieved in your 30 years. You’ve been a rock to me when life’s been tough and I thank you for that. It is lovely to see you happy, settled and surrounded by the people who love you. You’ve achieved so much in your 30 years and I’m so proud of all you’ve done. I feel like I’ve achieved my job as your mumma.

So Ami as you turn 30 I just want to say how proud I and of you and how much I love you. I want you to remember that although I may not always be there to hold your hand and I may not always have the answers, I am always here for you, on your team and supporting you. You are a amazing young women and we wish you the bestest birthday ever! Bring on your party in April and a future making more memories (not forgetting the Spice Girls in June!!!!!)

Lots of Love
Your Mumma xxxxxx

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