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To say Melbourne is a popular tourist attraction would be an underestimation. The Australian city has so much
to offer and so it is no surprise that so many people go there year after year. One of the great things about
Melbourne is the fact that it is suited to all people; from couples, to young groups of friends, to families, to
indeed backpackers. This blog post deals with the latter by providing you with some top tips on what to do
whilst visiting Melbourne as a backpacker.

But, first thing is first, let’s reveal the reasons why Melbourne is a recommended holiday and backpacking

Weather – If you are someone who loves hot weather Melbourne will be your paradise. There are lots of
beautiful beaches offering you the ideal place to enjoy the glorious sunshine as well.
Culture – The culture of Melbourne is diverse and consequently extremely interesting. You will never tire
of exploring the local traditions. There is also a great emphasis placed on the arts and sport.
Lots to do and see – As you will soon discover, Melbourne is a place whereby boredom is not even an option.
From the annual events, to the parks, to the art galleries, to the bars, to the museums. There is so much to

It is always a nice idea to try and coincide your trip with some of the most popular events in the region. After
all, Melbourne hosts some of the most famous events in the world. This is why it is important to find cheap
airfares to Melbourne or to look into debt consolidation loans to cover the cost, so you have the cash available
to enjoy the following...

What are the best events in Melbourne to go to?

Australian Masters – Are you a golf fan? If so, then you should definitely visit Melbourne in November for the
Australian Masters.
Melbourne International Film Festival – This takes place from August 1st - 18th. If you are a film buff then
you are going to thoroughly enjoy this.
L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival – If you want to watch top models strut their stuff on the catwalk then
this is ideal.
Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix – That’s right; another sports event. Well, Melbourne is well-known for

being a city of sport and so it is definitely worth embracing this while on your backpacker’s trip. There are
usually places you will be able to view all the action without having to pay the huge ticket fees. The 2019 event
has just concluded, so you will have to wait until March 2020 for this one. But, with native Daniel Ricciardo
being one of the best on the grid, it is guaranteed to be a treat.

One of the best things about visiting Melbourne as a backpacker is getting to enjoy all of the great bars. Make
sure you incorporate the following into your trip; Urban Central, Bev and Micks, Public Bar and the College
Lawn Hotel. These have all become backpacker havens.

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