Joie i-Spin 360 i-Size car seat | Review

I don't know about you but I have found the car seat market an absolute minefield ever since the guidelines changed. There are so many different kinds of car seat that all promise to do different things and it can become rather overwhelming when you're trying to find the best one for your baby. Well, look no further! I have found the PERFECT car seat that not only meets all the new guidelines and regulations, it is stylish, comfortable, filled with safety features AND will last your baby until they are 4 years old! Meet the Joie i-Spin 360 i-Size car seat.

Joie is a relatively new brand when it comes to the parenting and baby market having been around for the last 5 years or so but they are sure making themselves known. The have a huge range of car seats and the i-Spin 360 is the latest. Firstly, lets talk about the most important part of a car seat...the safety features. This seat is filled with so many different safety features such as:

  • Meeting the i-Size ECE R129/02 standard
  • Being suitable rearward facing from birth to 105cm/4 years
  • Being suitable forward facing from 15 months to 105cm/4 years
  • Mis-use proof mechanism ensures child stays securely rearward facing until at least 15 months (80-105cm height)
  • One-hand, 360° seat rotation making it super easy to get your baby or child in and out of the car
  • 6 recline positions that can be used in both rear facing and forward facing modes
  • Guard Surround Safety™ panels that automatically extend when the child is placed in the seat. These provide added security for the head, body and hips
  • One-hand, 6 position Grow Together™ headrest and harness system adjusts simultaneously and requires no re-threading of harness (YES!!!!! If you're anything like me this is one thing I hate doing with other car seats as it is such a faff!)
  • Grow-with-me infant insert which has 3 individual pieces for a custom fit at any stage
  • A 5-point harness with shoulder and lower buckle covers that easily tighten with one pull motion
  • 19 position adjustable support leg which provides ultimate stability, security and easily adjusts for the best fit
  • Can't-miss installation indicator which is conveniently located on top of base to confirm load leg is fitted properly
  • Built-in side ventilation
See...filled with safety features! Because this car seat is installed using your cars ISOFIX, it also means that the seat is super easy to install. When ours was delivered I was expecting to have to wait until Hubby got home to put it in so that he could look after the kids whilst I concentrated on fitting it but there was no need! The seat was so easy to install that I was able to do it by myself in about 2 minutes. 

The i-Spin 360 is not only unbelievably safe, it has also been made with convenience in mind and that is the other reason that I love it so much. The car seat smoothly swivels 360 degrees meaning that there is no more bonking your child's head on the car as you try to juggle them into their car seat (I can't be the only one that has ever done that can I?!). Not only does it swivel, it has a switch on the front of it that you push across if your baby is 15 months or younger. This then locks the swivel feature meaning that you can't turn them forward facing. Once they get to over 15 months you can push the switch back again and the seat will swivel a full 360 again meaning you could seat them forward facing if you wanted. I think this is an amazing feature because I, for one, had no real clue about how long Smidge needed to be rear facing for. This handy switch is a fool proof way of making sure that not only is your baby in the safest possible position, but also that you are adhering to the new car seat rules. 

The practical features of this car seat continues. The cover is machine washable and comes off in one swift motion meaning that if you ever needed to pop it into the wash because of any accidents or snack explosions then it is easy and quick to whip off and to put back on again. The other thing I love about this car seat is that it comes with everything you need. You don't need to purchase a separate base or any attachments. The car seat is priced at £300 (correct at time of publishing March 2019) and for that £300 you get everything that you need for 4 years worth of car seat safety which to me is a pretty brilliant price! 

This car seat has really been designed with both parents and kids in mind. I love the safety features and the easy of use of the car seat where as Smidge thinks it's super comfortable and is so happy in it. We recently traveled to Bluestone in Wales which was about a 6 hours car journey and Smidge slept soundly and was extremely comfortable in this seat the whole time. If you are considering getting a new car seat then I would definitely recommend the i-Spin 360 i-Size from Joie as it is everything you will need! You can grab yourself one on the Joie website here

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