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My two boys are so similar in so many ways. There little mouths, their button noses, the way they get a red patch on their head when they are really upset, the way they are both the chunkiest of babies. The first thing I remember saying when Smidge was born was 'Oh my god he looks like his brother'. To me, he was the spitting image of Pickle and even now that Smidge is almost 10 months old, I still see such a striking resemblance between them. Some times I look at Smidge and it's like I'm holding my baby Pickle once again. They may look alike but that it where the similarity ends for these two. I honestly can't believe that two brothers can look so similar but yet be so different in their personalities and their ways. 

Pickle was pretty much a textbook baby. He slept really well, drank his milk perfectly, weaned with no problems, learnt to self sooth, listened to what he was told and steered clear of things if he was told no...he was such a good baby and is still a very good little boy now. He always like to play by the rules, listens to what he is told and always wants to do good. Smidge, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. 
He is a terror! He is into everything. Anything he finds anywhere goes straight into his mouth, you tell him no and he just smiles and carries on, he wants to climb everywhere, he hates sleeping on his own, doesn't need hardly any sleep and is just so different to his older brother. One of the funniest differences I see between the two of them is when it comes to biscuits. Yes, that's right, I said biscuits. When Pickle was little, and even a little bit now although not so much, if you gave him a biscuit that was broken, he wouldn't touch it. He would get upset, would whinge and wouldn't eat it until he got a biscuit that was complete and in tact. On the flip side, if you give Smidge a biscuit he will actually purposeful break it! He snaps it clean in two and then happily munches away!! I find it hilarious as it is something so small but it really shows the difference between my two boys. 
Smidge is like a whirlwind. He is into everything and whats to go everywhere. His little personality is starting to come out and he is so strong willed and stubborn. I can honestly imagine that he is only going to become more and more different to Pickle as he grows. Pickle is so sensitive, caring and kind and I can see Smidge growing up to be ferocious protective but also a bit of a jack the lad and a bit of a nightmare! 
I am so pleased that my two boys have there own personalities but I also can't believe that two children that are from the same parents and have been raised exactly the same can be so different. Just proves that sometimes your born with it. 

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