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If you have read my blog previously then you will know that I recently returned to work after having 10 months off on maternity leave. I have really enjoyed going back and I think it's been so good to get back into a routine and gain some time away from the house BUT it hasn't been without it's challenges. Going back to work has been tough in so many ways. Obviously I've missed the boys so much, especially Smidge. I don't say that because I love the boys any differently. It's just because I am used to leaving Pickle. I've been back to work since having him so I am used to him going to my Mum and going to school. It was strange being without Smidge at first though. I was so used to seeing him all the time and having him with me . It felt odd to not have to worry about where my baby was and to only have to think about myself. Odd, but nice. I still have days where I really miss both the boys but when I am at work my mind is occupied with other things and I know they are safe and happy so it's all good. 

The other thing that was really hard to get my head around when I returned to work was just how organised I had to be. When I was on maternity leave, if we'd had a bad night then I could chill out for the day in my PJs. It didn't really matter if the dishwasher wasn't emptied or the washing bin was over flowing. Now I am out of the house of 3 full days out of 7 so organisation has become key. I need to make sure the clothes are washed and sorted. I have to make sure meals are prepped and planned. I even make sure that I have all the clothes and bags ready the night before so that on my work days I have minimal stress and and can just get everyone ready at a leisurely pace. It helps me feel more organised and prepared and it helps me to not forget anything or get myself in a tizz. 

Going back to work can be hard for so many reasons though so I asked some of my fellow bloggers how they felt when they returned to work and this is what they had to say:

'When I returned to work after my first he was 8 months old. I was really excited to be going back. I loved my job and as he was able to come with me I knew I could see him whenever I wanted. The only downside was the amount of hours we would be out of the house (6.45am to about 6.30/7pm) after awhile I felt guilty for having to take him out so early and come home so late. In the end I ended up moving jobs nearer to home with friendlier hours'
Jaymee from The Mum Diaries 

'I was devastated. I had anxiety leading up to it and I just felt miserable. I was told that it would be good for both of us but I didn't feel it and I found the whole thing stressful. It's hard not to feel guilty and as if you aren't doing the wrong thing. I don't think it helped that I hated my job!'
Sophie from Soph Obsessed

'I felt overwhelmed at first. I hated not having my “own” money and felt like they were bored just having me 24/7, however as time went on, I realised how lucky I was to be in this position to get to see my girls grow.
I went back to work after having my son & took redundancy after having my twins - but felt equally guilty both times. You really cannot win!' 
 Beth from Twinderelmo

The first time I felt such a hypocrite for wanting to be a mother and then going back to work. The second time I ended up being away from work for about 23 months after my dad died during maternity. When I did go back to work I started a new job, with much better hours and its been the most wonderful change. I was definitely ready and feel the benefit of having the best home/work split. I can be the best mom I can be but also do the job I worked hard for and that makes me proud of myself, a wonderful feeling. ' 
Emma from Ready Freddie Go

'I felt ready to get back to normal. Back to talking to adults and making business decisions. 6 months later I quit and went part time. After years of climbing the ladder I realised I didn't want it anymore. I was fed up of being seen as being difficult because I refused to answer emails at 9pm.
I now work for a company who value my skills and my family. ' Sinead from Sinead Latham

How did you feel when you went back to work? Were you excited about it or where you dreading it? Did you even go back? I'd love to know your thoughts and experiences so let me know in the comments below. 

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