Polar Wonders Plush Gymini from Tiny Love | Review

Note: this post contains a product I was sent for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own

When I was pregnant with Smidge I made a list of all the essential things that I needed to buy before he was born...car seat, cot, moses basket, nappies, baby play mat/gym...Yes you read that right, a baby play mat/gym. To me a baby gym is an essential when you have a baby. I remember one of my friends asking me why it was an essential to buy before Smidge was born because he would be a tiny baby that wouldn't be able to play with a gym. The reason I wanted one wasn't about playing. It was about having somewhere safe and stimulating that I could put Smidge when I needed to make lunch or pop to the loo. If I didn't have a baby gym then where else would I put him? I wanted him to know that his moses basket and cot were a place for sleeping rather than playing so by having a baby gym I could put him down for a few minutes whilst I did whatever I needed to do. To me, it just made sense.

There are so many different play mats and baby gyms n the market that it can be really overwhelming to try and find the best one. BUT have no fear!!! I am here to tell you that the only baby gym you will ever need is the Polar Wonders Plush Gymini from Tiny Love and here is why...

The Polar Wonders Push Gymini is an amazing baby gym that has so many feature that help it stand out from the rest. Not only is it super soft and extra padded (which is not only great for baby when they are newborn but is also really good for when they start to sit up and move and fall over A LOT!), it also helps baby with 6 different developmental learning stages. The toys and features of this gym helps baby develop:
Language and Communication
Fine Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Imagination and Creativity

The gym can be used in three different ways meaning that you can use it from 0 months until whenever you want. Smidge is 10 months now and this gym is great for me to pop in the garden to cushion him on the grass and to stop him from freaking out of he touches the grass (my child doesn't like grass...he is odd!). The gym also comes with two electrical, light up toys and adjustable arches so the mat can grow with your baby.

It really is the creme de la creme of the baby gym world and I would really recommend this gym if you are pregnant as your baby will get months and months of use out of it.

Find the whole Tiny Love range and the Lush Gymini here: https://www.tinylove.com/uk_en/gymini-activity-gyms/polar-wonders-plush-gymini

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