10 things all Mums do but NEVER admit to... | Blog

Lets be honest here...when you become a Mum you do things that you never thought you'd do. Things that are gross and weird but lets face it, we are just all trying to survive this huge storm that is parenting! Some of the things are so embarrassing that we don't even talk about them. Well, not anymore! Here are 10 things that I have done (more than once shhhh) and I bet you've done them too...

1. You've had a sneaky lick of the spoon once you have given your kiddies Calpol because that stuff is just so damn good! Hell maybe even you've had a whole spoonful because if it takes the grump out of the kids then maybe it can help you too right??

2. Baby wipes have been your weapon of choice when having to do some emergency, high speed dusting as you have your Mum or MIL coming over.

3. You have told your other half to watch the baby as you need the loo and you have spent at least 5 minutes longer than necessary in there just so that you can have a few more minutes to scroll through Insta uninterrupted and in peace!

4. You've just fought your baby to change their poopy bum. You've survived the screaming and the insistent attempts from your devil child baby to flip over and spread poo everywhere. You've managed to get that nappy done up and as you sit back you see it. The tiny bit of leaky poop that is on the hem of the baby grow. Do you go through the trauma of having to do the full clothing change or do you do what I do and reach for the quick fix? You grab a baby wipe and scrub at the tiny bit of poop till you can't see it anymore. That's just as good as going through the washing machine right?? 

5. The baby is whinging again, you have just managed to drift off and your other half is snoring beside you. It's the fifth time your little insomniac has woken up in the last 3 hours. You just want to sleep so you purposely don't move from the bed and just wait for your other half to get up. You think you have given them a couple of minutes to realise the baby is crying but still they are soundo so up you get in a rage. In reality, you get up after just 15 seconds, storm out the room as loudly as possible in the hope of waking up the lazy s#'t and then, when you do come back in after putting baby back to sleep and see him just as you left him, you give him a quick ''accidentally in my sleep' elbow to the back just to make yourself feel better!

6. You have sat in the car for at least 20 minutes too afraid to pick up your sleeping child from their car seat just in case they wake up and then nap times for the day are screwed!

7. Breakfast for your beloved child consists of home made porridge topped with chopped organic blueberries and sliced banana where as your breakfast consists of anything you can lay your hands on...a cupcake, half a banana or even the left over chicken nuggets from the night before.

8. Sometimes when your little one is a tired, miserable, snotty, grumpy mess, you actually feel a tiny bit relieved when you drop them off at your mums/childminders/nursery or school and get to escape to work. Mind you, you only feel like that for about only for about 10 minutes until you forget all the grumpiness and snot and instantly miss them again

9. You have used the excuse of ''oh..he's teething'' at least once to get out of some kind of social thing that you don't want to do.

10. Friend had a new baby? Seen a baby whilst your out? Seen a baby on TV? You automatically compare them to your bundle of joy and of course they are never as gorgeous, funny, clever, developed, cute! You would never say it out loud of course :)

So there you have it. All the things I do but I would NEVER want to admit. Can you relate to any of these? No telling porkie pies...we are all friends here...:)


  1. Nearly all of them!no 4 definitely theres just no point I even slept in a bed sheet with a wee bit on it as it was the middle of the night and I was too exhausted to change it x

  2. Yes I can relate to all however I think the worst one for me is we were on holiday and my little girl had the worst cold and we had no snuffle baby with us or a bogey ducker so I put my mouth over her nose and sucked it out to relieve her my husband was sat next to be gagging which was hilarious, but at least she could breathe after.

  3. Everyone but 5, single parent����. Sooo true though ����