A letter to our sleep consultant... | Review

Dear Sue from Little Life Steps,

When I first met you (well I should say re-met you as I've actually known you since I was about 12!) and we chatted about what you do I was skeptical. You explained how you’ve worked with children for years and how you wanted to use all of your experience and training to help families overcome struggles and milestones. You told me how you ran potty training and weaning workshops, how you are trained in baby massage and that you are a sleep consultant. When you mentioned the words 'sleep consultant' I felt myself tense up slightly. I'd always considered seeing a sleep consultant but I thought that Smidge was beyond help and that he was just a 'bad sleeper' but a very small part of me saw some hope when I met you. Could you be the one to help us? You were clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about what you do but could you be the one who could get the incredible non sleeping baby to sleep?? When you offered us a free sleep consultation in return for my honest review on my blog I figured what did I have to loose? Looking back now it was one of the best decisions we ever made!

Now, not to be over dramatic or anything but you have changed our lives. Yes, that's right...you really have! Before we sat down with you for our consultation it felt like things were a bit of a mess. Smidgey had no real concrete routine, he was sleeping horrendously and would be up 4/5 even 6 times every night and most nights hubby would end up coming downstairs and sleeping with him on the sofa because it was the only way we could all get some sleep. Our situation was a world away from the one we wanted to be in. Smidge was still sleeping in our room because we felt he couldn't share with Pickle yet because he was up and down so much each night. Hubby and I hadn't been out just the two of us ever since Smidge was born because we didn't want to leave him with anyone because he was such a bad sleeper. We hadn't even had 1 night since Smidge was born that we had been able to share our own bed just the two of us for a full night. Smidge would either end up in with us or Hubs would end up downstairs. It was horrendous but we had just accepted that this was our life now and this was the way it had to be.

Only it didn't have to be that way. You came along and you gave us all the tools and the confidence to change things. It took a few weeks of hard work, tears (from all of us!) and sacrifice but it worked! We are now exactly where we wanted to be. Smidge is sleeping pretty much all the way through the night (except for the odd times where he can't find his dummy) and goes to bed with no problems what so ever. He doesn't wake up and refuse to go back to sleep anymore and he has become such a 'good' sleeper that we have now moved the boys in together. This has meant that Hubby and I now have our room AND our bed back! We've even turned the space where his cot used to be into an office area with a desk and shelves etc meaning that there is really no turning back! That is how confident you have made us. Smidge is napping brilliantly in the day time and we now have a happy, well rested home. Hubby and I have even been able to go away for an entire night!! I now don't worry about leaving him for the night and it is all thanks to you!

People that are close to us have seen the change. They have asked throughout the process how things have been going and I have always been honest with them. Sometimes it has been bloody hard and I have questioned why we were doing it but it was worth it! I have recommended you to so many people because I really do believe that it is thank to you that we are where we are now. The 2/3 hours you spent with us when you did the consultation gave us all the skills that we needed. You explained why you'd suggested things and that helped us understand the logic and the reasoning behind what needed to change. You gave us (especially me) constant support and that is something I am so grateful for. I will never forget how surprised I was when you replied to my desperate text that I sent you at midnight during the 2nd week of our sleep training. You will never know how much it meant in that moment to gain some clarity from you and to know that I wasn't alone.

So thank you Sue. You are amazing and I would recommend anyone that needs help ,especially with sleeping, to come to you. You are so patience, knowledgeable, understanding and passionate and I really cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family.

Love (a fully rested and happy) Ami xxxx

If you need help with sleep training or are interested in any of the potty training, weaning or courses that I have spoken about in this post then please contact Sue via her website of via her social media pages.




Also...Sue gave us her advice and a consultation free of charge in return for this review. Everything I have said is honest and my own opinion even though this was a gifted service.


  1. Lovely letter Ami, thank you :) :)
    I am very chuffed you and hubby have reached your ulimate goal of both boys sharing a room and you are getting more sleep.
    You were lucky when you texted at midnight as I was still up. I always respond to clients if I am awake as I know that little bit of reassurance goes a long way to help achieve success.Happy sleeping zzzzzzz Sue xxxx

  2. Good letter! If you have sleep issues in sleep than its a big problem. Sleep is always crucial for everyone to over come daily life challenges.