Best Kids Kitchens | Collaboration

Kids’ kitchens are a toy which is highly popular at the moment. This is because most children seem to be very
fond of the role playing toys available online and stores today. We’ve compiled our favourite kids’ kitchens

1.    Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen Pastel

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? This gorgeous yellow, blue and green kitchen station is assured to go down a
treat with your little girl. She will love baking gorgeous cupcakes for all of the family to try. For such a cheap
price, you’ll be surprised to learn of the sheer number of features this kitchen has, and thus the level of fun
which is there to be had. These features include an oven, stove burners, a cake, four plates, four forks, a
storage bin and more.

2.    Step2 Lifestyle Party Time Kitchen

This kitchen is suitable for both boys and girls because of its versatile colour scheme and design. However,
the best thing about this toy has to be the electronic features that it boasts. The microwave, stove top,
phone, overhead light and clock all have electronic elements which help to make play feel a lot more
realistic. If that wasn’t good enough, this Step2 kitchen also comes with a massive 33 piece accessory

3.    KidKraft White Vintage Wooden Kitchen

This is one of the most stylish kitchens available on the market today. Its white and silver colour scheme
teamed with its sleek and sophisticated design gives it a look which could have easily come out of a real life
kitchen. A lot of parents create their own kitchens for kids using high quality glue guns and other supplies,
and they often model it on this sort of style because it is classic. If your little one truly sees themselves as
the next master chef, then this is the kitchen for them.

4.    Plum Terrace Wooden Role Play Kitchen

This kid’s kitchen is highly popular with girls. It features a white, pink and red design and has patterns
painted on the kitchen throughout. It is bound to add character and personality to any room in which it is
placed. Not only is the design great, but the level of fun to be had is just as attractive. The Plum Terrace
kitchen is affordable and comes complete with accessories and features including the likes of an oven,
microwave and refrigerator.

5.    Smoby French Touch Excellence Kitchen

This kitchen looks like it has come straight out of a modern showroom. It features a silver and dark red
design which is highly fashionable. Moreover, the features entailed ensure that the fun will be never ending,
these include; a stew pan, a sink, a removable griddle barbecue plate, a large oven, a clock, a frying pan
and lots more. In addition to this, the hob contains two different electronic sounds.

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