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If you've read my blog before then you will know that my two boys are like chalk and cheese. Pickle was a text book baby (if there is such a thing!). He slept really well, learnt to self sooth like a boss and used to nap for 2 hours at a time on a normal day! He was just a dream. When Smidge came along we did everything that we had done with Pickle because we obviously wanted another good sleeper. We used the same white noise comforter, gave him a dummy and tried to stick to a routine as much as possible just like we'd done with Pickle 4 years previous. But Smidge wasn't having any of it! No matter what we do and no matter what we try he is the INCREDIBLE NON SLEEPING BABY aka the worst, most exhausting superhero around!

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I joke about it but it all seriousness it is a huge problem for us and our family and I am running out of ideas for how to help the situation. Nothing works! It is a bit of an exaggeration when I saw that he doesn't sleep, it may be more fair to say that he is a terrible sleeper. When he gets put down for a nap we do everything that we are suppose to do. Dark room, gentle music, milk before bed, putting him down when he sleepy but not fully asleep...blah blah blah. Smidge would happily fall asleep on out arms some days but as soon as his head hits the mattress he is awake and standing up at the bars of his cot! Then we will be in and out to him 10/15 times laying him back down. If we ignore him he will stand there for 20/30 even 45 minutes at a time and fight the urge to go to sleep. If we stay in the room with him he will still try and get up and get out. I've tried sitting on a seat by his bed and patting his bum, he just stands up and shouts at me. I've tried ignoring him and only going in every 5 mins to lay him down again, he just gets back up. I've tried cuddling him and he just fights to be put down. It's like we can't win!

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It's not just getting him to go to sleep that is the the problem. To be honest, that is probably the easiest bit. The hardest bit for me is when he wake up in the night. He is still in our room because (if he was the baby we thought he was going to be) we were going to have the two boys sharing but obviously we can't when he is sleeping like he is. The downside to him being in our room is that the neighbor sleep in the room right next to us and I know they can hear us as we can hear them. They have even said in the past that they have brought ear plugs!! That makes me feel awful and like I have to stop him crying as soon as possible if he cries in the night because I don't want them to wake up. I can;t leave him to cry in the night because I don't want him to wake up the neighbors or Pickle. That ends up with either Smidge coming into our bed or Hubs having to take Smidge downstairs and sleeping on the sofa with him because it's the only place he'll settle. It's exhausting and having such an impact on our family. Hubs and I get no time together to even have a cuddle let alone anything else because Smidge is either in the bed with us or Hubs is down stairs with him. I just wish that we knew how to settle him during the night quickly so that there is minimal disruption and so that everyone can get some sleep.

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Now when I say we have tried everything, I mean we have tried pretty much everything. I've tried sleep sprays, craniosacral therapy, massage, tough love, gentle techniques...we've tried everything. Well...almost everything.  The only thing we haven't tried yet is getting help from a sleep consultant and that is why I reached out to Sue from Little Life Steps and that is why she is coming round to see us tonight. I am ready to try whatever she suggests as we are now desperate. Smidge is almost 1 and his sleep pattern is just horrendous and things need to change. We have sent Sue sleep diaries and told her all about our situation and history and I am keeping everything crossed that she is able to help us. I know it won't be a quick fix but I am hoping with her help to get a plan in place then we will be able to get something in place that helps all of us!

Keep an eye on the blog as I will be writing about our experience with Sue as she has very kindly gifted us her services in return for a review. For now, keep everything crossed for us and if anyone has any questions then please feel free to ask.

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