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Your first car was probably a huge investment. Even if you bought it used, there are still plenty of
upkeep costs such as insurance to keep in mind. Most people just don’t realize how much it
costs to keep a car on the road, so replacing it with something new is probably the last
thing on their mind. However, getting a new vehicle doesn’t need to be stressful and there are some
perfect opportunities to take advantage of. So in this article, we’re going to talk about when it’s a good
time to actually get a replacement car.

If you need a car to support your family

A lot of people will stick with their first car for a long time, but if you’ve recently started a family or are
expecting more children soon, then it’s a good idea to look into upgrading your car into a family car.
Even if the baby isn’t due for several months, it’s best to start looking as soon as possible so that you
can find a suitable way to sell or scrap your existing vehicle and finance a new one.

If your car is too expensive to repair or maintain

This is especially true for older vehicles that can be a challenge to either source parts for or even find
a mechanic that’s willing to perform work on it at an affordable cost. Many older vehicles are simply
more expensive to repair, the insurance premiums are higher since they aren’t as secure and their
engines aren’t as efficient. If this is the case for you, then you deserve to purchase a new vehicle and
replace that old money-sink with something newer, more efficient and cheaper to run.

If insurance premiums are dropping

First-time drivers are either faced with installing a black box into their vehicle for lower insurance
premiums or they’ll have to pony up the extra cash as a driver with no history. However, if you’ve been
a good driver, avoided accidents and have a year or more of experience on the road, then there’s a
good chance that your insurance premiums are dropping. This is a great time to consider
Vauxhall finance or a similar service to invest in a new car because with the lowered insurance costs,
you could afford a much nicer vehicle that could even be cheaper to run depending on your needs.

If your current vehicle is not suitable for your needs

First cars are often very old, dated and not very efficient to run. If this is the case, then you might have trouble driving in winter, you might be paying too much for fuel or you might even realize that there are faults with the car that need to be fixed for your own safety. Sadly, many older cars are expensive to fix and most mechanics won’t touch them unless you pay them extra. So if your car is simply not suitable for your needs anymore, there’s nothing wrong with financing a new one.

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