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Dear Smidge,

I can’t quite believe that it was 1 year ago that you came crashing into our lives. Your arrival actually started on the 7th June when I had the most terrifying experience of my life. To cut a very long story short I’d had a big bleed at home about 7.30 at night. Bleeding in pregnancy is a big no no and with the amount of blood I honestly went through about half an hour of thinking that I’d lost you and that was the most terrifying feeling in the world. The hospital you were born in was amazing though and the staff instantly checked everything and thankfully you were fine. Fast forward nearly 24 hours and at 7.11pm on the 8th June 2018 you were placed into my arms and I fell in love. I'd always worried how I’d feel when you were born because how could I love anyone as much as I loved your brother? I needn't have worried as the moment when I saw you it was like my heart doubled in size. I’d felt that exact same overwhelming love and sense of motherly protection that will never ever leave me. You were so tiny but so perfect when you were born and all I remember saying as I drank you in was “oh my god he looks like his brother!”. You were the spitting image of Pickle but as you’ve grown you couldn’t be any different.

You are my little whirlwind. You are into everything, constantly on the move and you sure do keep Daddy and I on our toes. Speaking of Daddy... you are such a Daddy’s boy!! Daddy is always the one you want (unless you’re hurt then it’s Mummy all the way) and you and your Daddy are as thick as thieves. Your the same with your brother. Pickle loved you before he’d even met you and when he finally got to see you it was like there was this unbreakable bond that instantly formed. Your brother always puts you first and cares about you more than you’ll ever know. He celebrates your milestones with us and gets just as excited as us when you learn a new skill or when you get a new tooth. You may constantly try to wrestle your brother but I know that’s because you love him too and I’m so excited to see how your relationship with him develops as you get older.

Your other best friend in this house is the dog. Poor Maisie dog doesn’t get a break when you’re around as all you want to do it’s cuddle and play with her. You squeal with delight when she licks you and you get so upset when we separate you to give Maisie a break.
You never stop moving. I don't think I’ve ever seen a baby that is as inquisitive as you. You want to explore absolutely everything. As draining as it can be, it’s also a trait that I hope you never loose. There are some downsides with being into everything though... you are constantly covered in bruises! You started crawling at 7 months and you were cruising round the furniture by 10 month. Then, a week before your first birthday you started to walk and things ramped up a notch as you want to walk everywhere but just don’t have the best balance yet. It won’t be long and you’ll be running around and I’ll forever being having an anxiety attack about where you are!

You may have been an early mover but your teeth took their time to come in. At the age of one you now have 4 teeth. The bottom two and then the two fangs next to your top teeth. It’s quite funny to look at as one of the top teeth is quite big so I call it your snaggle tooth!
You are such a happy, smiley, cheerful boy (most of the time) and it’s a good job you are as it’s been your saving grace at times. Especially at 3am when you won’t go back to sleep. Ahh sleep... you are the WORST sleeper and, up until a couple of weeks ago, your sleeping issues were the bane of our lives. You still slept in your cot in our room but 9/10 times you’d end up going downstairs with Daddy to sleep as it’s the only place you’d settle. You went through a phase when you were about 5 months where you’d scream for about an hour at 11pm and then again at 2/3am. Finally we got some help from a sleep consultant and about a month ago you moved in with your brother and you’ve been sleeping like a champ!! It’s just one of the things that I am so proud of you for.

So, little boy, as you turn one I want to say thank you. Thank you for testing the limits of my parenting and my sanity and showing me that I am strong enough to survive. Thank you for our breastfeeding journey. Thank you for always keeping me on my toes. Thank you for showing me how much love my heart can actually hold. Thank you for being the cheeky funny, happy, loving little soul that you are. I love you so much little boy and I just wish you’d slow down a bit and stay little for a little longer.

Happy birthday Smidgey ❤️

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