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Being pregnant starts off being great fun but no matter when in the year your baby is due, the end of pregnancy is always a bit sucky! It is even more suckier (is that even a word?!?) if you’re at the end of your pregnancy in the summer. Smidge was born in June and Pickle was born in September so I’ve gone through 2 summers being seriously pregnant and it was no fun! You’re hot, you’re sweaty and you’re swelling up like a balloon! The last thing you need is a heat wave at the same time! But seeing as this is the UK and the weather is unpredictable at the best of times you can pretty much guarantee that if you are pregnant during May, June, July or August you’re going to see at least a week of scorching sunshine. So I’m here to share with you my top tips for keeping cool in the heat!

1. Magicool -
This stuff became my best friend when I was pregnant!! I kept a can of it in the car, one next to my bed, one in my bag... I had it everywhere!! It’s basically like magic in a can... well maybe not that extreme but it’s a spray bottle that sprays out cool AF misty water. It’s soooo refereshing! It’s also not only great at cooling you down but also stuff around you. If you’re steering wheel is super hot then you can spray it on that and it cools it down, you can spray it around you before bed to cool the room down... it’s basically amazing and you need some!!!

2. Air conditioning unit
Now this may sound a bit extreme but when you are 36 weeks pregnant and the weather is edging 30 outside the nights can be pretty horrendous. He hard enough to sleep towards the end of your pregnancy without having to feel like you’re melting when you try to get some much needed sleep. We brought 2 plug in units last year when I was pregnant with Smidge and they have been worth there weight in gold! I think they cost about £60 each but they have been worth every single penny. They work differently from a fan in the way that you put cold water into them and it pushes the air through a pad of cold water meaning that cold air fills the room rather than having hot air being recirculated. When it got super hot we even put ice cubes into them with water and that cools the room down in no time at all.

3. Ice lolly’s
I pretty much lived off of ice lolly’s towards the end of both my pregnancies. I was too hot to eat and had no space in there anyway thanks to my huge babies so ice lollies became my go to. I was never happier than when I was bouncing on my birthing ball, in front of the air conditioning unit with an ice lolly in hand! Pure heaven!!! It was also good for me as it helped to make sure I was hydrated and getting lots of fluid just watch which ones you get for sugar content.

4. Water, water and more water
This really goes without saying. I pretty much didn’t leave the house without a bottle of water at all during my pregnancies and it was so important during the hot weather to keep drinking. Yes it may have made me go to the loo pretty much every 5 minutes during the last couple of months if my pregnancy but it’s vital to keep drinking water!

5. Embrace your au natural look!
I usually love getting myself dolled up and doing my hair. I will happily spend an hour blow drying and straightening my hair and then carefully applying my make up. During the summer when I was pregnant I could think of NOTHING worse so I embraced my au natural look. If I’d washed my hair then I’d leave it wet and let it dry on it’s own. I could not be dealing with any more unnecessary heat! It was the same when it came to my make up. I’d use the bare minimum as I’d only end up sweating everything off anyway so why bothering wasting time and make up when I could just embrace my natural skin. To be fair, when it was super hot I couldn’t care less how I looked as my main priority was being comfortable and cooling the fudge down so it was all good!

So there you have it! I really hope these tips will help some of you as I know how horrendous it can be to be pregnant in the heat. You have my fully sympathy and just remember that next year it will be a lot easier (just don’t get pregnant again!!)!

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