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This year we made it our aim to see more of the U.K. and after visiting Bluestone in Wales at the start of the year we decided that we’d give Newquay in Cornwall a go for our summer holiday. I’d alway been told great things about Newquay and it did not disappoint! I’ll be doing a separate blog post all about the things we got up to during our trip but in this post I wanted to share with you my thoughts about where we stayed as I’ve had a lot of questions via my social media. Just to add, our time at Park Dean in Newquay was not gifted. We paid for our stay ourself but I wanted to share our experience and my thoughts as some of my followers on social media have asked about our trip.

Where did you stay? 
We stayed at a Park Dean resort in Newquay which I think is called Newquay holiday park. This park has a huge array of different caravans available and also has space to camp or for you to bring your own caravan. We stayed in a Polkerris Caravan which is new to the park for 2018. This was one of the more expensive caravans (we paid about £350 for a 4 night stay) but in my opinion it was worth paying the extra money. One thing that really has bothered me about the site as a whole is that it felt a bit unsecured. There were no gates at any of the entrances or exits which felt a bit odd. Most places we’ve stayed in before usually have a barrier to let cars in and out.

What was your caravan like? 
The caravan was amazing!! I remember staying in a caravan as a child and it was nothing like what we stayed in. It had 2 bedrooms, a double room with an en suite and a smaller room with 2 single beds. There was an additional shower room meaning that the caravan had 2 toilets and 2 showers in total which was great for those days where we came back from the beach covered in sand. There was a huge open plan kitchen, diner and living room that had a full sized dining table and chairs, 2 extremely comfortable sofas (one of which turned into a sofa bed) and a flat screen T.V. The kitchen had a microwave, oven, grill, full sized integrated fridge freezer, a washing machine and a dishwasher!! There was literally nothing more that you could have needed! The best thing about this van was the amount of storage that it had! There was storage absolutely everywhere which was great for someone like some who likes to up pack and keep living spaces tidy even when we are away. There was also a veranda that had French doors opening out onto it which was perfect for having dinner on during those sunny evenings. The caravan was so well kept and clean and I really enjoyed staying there. NOTE - all photos are from the Park Dean website and are not my own. 

Was there much to do at the site?
I was actually a bit disappointed in the holiday park itself. I think, because we went to Bluestone a couple of months ago, I instantly compare anywhere to it and maybe that’s a bit unfair because Bluestone has been built with kids and families in mind. I just felt like the holiday park didn’t really have very much to offer. There are 3 swimming pools (see the next point), a few play parks, mini golf, an arcade and a club house. The play parks are dotted around and some of them are very small. The good things about the parks is that they were all fenced off because they were generally next to the roads inside the holiday park. There is also a mini golf course on site which you can pay extra to use. We didn’t use it so I can’t comment on it. The arcade was okay but it was quite small and didn’t have a huge choice of games. It felt like it was more aimed at adults than kids. The arcade also had a soft play which was quite small and looked in need of a bit of a refresh. The soft play area was right behind two pool tables which often meant you’d had groups of adults and teens playing pool (some swearing and being rude) right where the kids were playing which wasn’t the greatest. The club house was quite small in my opinion. For the amount of people you could potentially have staying on site during the height of summer, I can’t see how they would all fit in. The entertainment was very basic and I felt the kids stuff started a bit too late. The kids disco started at 6.30pm with a kids show starting at 7.15pm which was a bit late for our two. The restaurant and bar that is in the club house is okay. The food was average but, once again, the area was very cramped and small. Food and drink was an average price.

What were the pools like?
There are 3 pools on the site and all of them are outside. 2 out of the 3 are heated which is needed the majority of the time because, you know...UK weather but it would have been so much better if one of the pools would have been inside. The other downside of the pools all being outside was that they were quite dirty. Wearrived  relatively early and they were filthy already. Dead flies and spiders floated around and it just felt really dirty. There is a slide which Pickle loved going down but to get to the entrance of the slide you had to walk up some gravely, stoney stairs which is less than ideal when you’ve got no shoes on. The kids pool had lots of things for them to do such as a slide and tipping buckets but it felt quite small and I can imagine it gets very crowded in the school holidays. There were about 3/4 life guards dotted about which was reassuring and there is a BBQ food place next to the pools too which would be great if you were looking to spend the entire day there. 

How far away is the holiday park from the beaches and town? 
The park is only 10/15 minutes away from the nearest beach and from Newquay town centre but you would need to drive it catch a bus. There is a bus stop right outside the holiday park. 

Anything else? 
I think that’s everything really. If you think I’ve missed anything or if you have any questions you want to ask them feel free to comment or to message me on any of my social pages. Overall the caravan was amazing, the site was a little dated and not particularly family friendly but it was in a good location and for the price I don’t really think I can moan. 

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