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Note: This is a collaborative post 

For as long as I can't remember I have loved the Spice Girls. The platformed shoes, the girl power, the fun, the sass and not forgetting some pretty amazing songs! I was a die hard fan and I had pretty much every single piece of merchandise going. From posters and t-shirts to pencil cases and rucksacks.I loved them! I loved their music, their characters, their lyrics...I was a full blown fan. (I say was, I still am!) I always wanted to be Baby Spice. With her blonde hair and bubble gum personality, she was the one I aspired to be. I wore bunches, had pink everything and even went through a phase of wanting lolly pops all the time because that was what Baby Spice did. I had all the annuals, knew everything about them and I loved everything about them. Then, in May 1998 Geri Haliwell announced she was leaving the group. Viva Forever was released as her goodbye song and my 10 year old heart broke a little bit but there was still going to be 4 of the Spice Girls left and they
weren't breaking up so it was okay. It wasn't the end of the world. Or so I thought...because in December 2000 the band announced that they were going on an indefinite hiatus but they weren't breaking up. But in reality they were and I would have a Spice Girl shaped hole in my life for a good few years. 

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I mean, it's a bit dramatic when I read it back and maybe in hindsight it wasn't as bad when they broke up as it felt when I was a teen but the Spice Girls were a huge part of my childhood. I have so many happy memories of singing along to their songs with my mum and the way that my Granddad used to pretend that he really liked them so that I thought he was actually interested when I'd chat away about them for ages. When I reminisce about my childhood, the Spice Girls were a huge part of
it. That's why, when in 2007 when they went on tour for the first time in almost 10 years I was desperate to get tickets. Thankfully my wonderful Mum managed to get us two and we went to see my idols. I will never forget singing along to 'Mama' with her with tears in my eyes! It was such an amazing night and one that I thought I'd never get to do again. That was until the end of last year when the Spice Girls announced that they would be reuniting again after 11 years for a tour. Mum and I were so excited and the day that the tickets were released we had a military style plan to make sure we got tickets. The tickets were like gold dust and went in super quick time but we did it and
we managed to get 2! So, on the 14th June 2019 my Mum and I are heading to Wembley to see the girls perform again and I am ridiculously excited! I can't wait to sing and dance and relive all of the classic Spice Girl songs and there is no one else I would rather be doing it with than my mum. 
Some people really don’t understand the hype around the Spice Girls. It’s so hard to explain why they mean so much to me but what is good to know is that I am not on my own. In fact, there are some pretty incredible die hard fans out there. So much so that Walkers have teamed up with the Spice Girls to find ‘Walkers Best Ever Fan’ during the girls tour. You can see how their search went in the new TV ad below:

So…I’m ready to ‘Spice up your life’ with my ‘Mama’ because I ‘wannabe’ at that Spices Girls concert NOW but I’ll guess I just have to ‘Stop’ before this becomes ‘Too Much’ and wait until 14th June!

Viva Forever!

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