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There aren’t many things you can rely on in life but one thing is inevitable and that’s death. For many
people, it’s not an easy subject to discuss but as parents get older or tragedy touches a family, it’s
vital that arrangements are in place before the worst happens.

For many people, that’s as simple as making a will but there are still more arrangements you can
make to make it easier on the loved ones you leave behind and in this blog we talk you through some


Communication in families can sometimes be hard, particularly if that family is quite large and spread
out. Keeping your nearest and dearest in the loop is crucial though when it comes to making sure
your wishes are carried out.

Let family members know where your Will is kept and what to expect in that Will. You’ll also need to
just talk through any funeral arrangements. It can be hard to talk about, so be patient with those who
would rather not think about it.

If you have a funeral care specialist that you would rather your family deals with, let them have all the
contact details for when they need to get in touch.

Get Organised

It’s all too easy to accumulate heaps of paperwork over the course of a lifetime, so there’s no harm in
having a sort through and getting rid of unnecessary documents that you no longer need. If it feels like
a good time, you might also want to have a sort out of any clutter that’s been taking up space on your
shelves and wardrobes too.

If you’re concerned that your finances might become too complicated to handle later down the line
make sure to find someone you trust to take on Power of Attorney for both financial and medical
decision making.

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No one feels too comfortable talking about death and when you’re worried about losing a loved one,
it can be tough to discuss the very practical and financial aspects to funerals and end of life care.
However, getting that out of the way before it becomes an issue is often the easiest and least
upsetting way to getting it done.

If you’re the one beginning to get things in order, make the first move and start talking to those closest
to you. They’ll be relieved that you’re able to discuss these things with openness. If you need to start
that discussion with an older member of your family, try and approach it with kindness and
compassion but also a sense of being practical, which may make it easier for them to focus on.

Life is for living and just because you’re making plans for what happens at the end of life, that doesn’t
mean you should stop enjoying the life you have right now. Be practical, be organised and get those
arrangements in place then go out and enjoy every last moment with the people you love the most.

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