Smart Tactics To Keep The Family Dog Happy Once Baby Arrives | Collaboration

When a mini human turns up in what was otherwise a quiet home, it can be a hecking big change for a dog. In
fact, it can mean their whole world changes. Of course, most dogs welcome mini-humans with an enthusiasm
only they can muster. Although, there are some strategies you can use to make the transition that little bit easier
for all concerned. Read on to find out what they are. 


Date day in London  | ICE BAR and Yuu Kitchen Review

Note: This post contains a gifted meal and gifted tickets into ICE BAR but all opinions expressed are honest and my own. 

Hubby and I hardly ever get to spend any one on one time together. Our time is normally spent as a family and even then, one of us is usually dealing with Smidge whilst the other looks after Pickle so we hardly spend any time together. If I’m being honest, I really do miss him when we haven’t been together for a while. I remember being young and childless and being able to pop to the pub for a drink after work or even just being able to hold hands when walking because we didn’t have to push a pram or hold anyone else’s hand. I really miss those days and I needed to take action. I booked my mother in law to babysit and set a date where hubby and I were going to go out and spend the day together. No one else, no distractions, just me and him and it was wonderful!!

We booked to see Waitress the Musical (which was unreal by the way and I would completely recommend it) but before we went to the theatre, we were invited to have lunch at Yuu Kitchen and visit ICE BAR for a drink. Hubs has ever been to ICE BAR before so we jumped at the chance to go and it did not disappoint.

yuu kitchen, food, asian food, Japanese food, london, through amis eyes,
yuu kitchen, food, asian food, Japanese food, london, through amis eyes,


How to make the most out of a small family garden | Collaboration

Note: this is a collaborative post

When we moved into our house just over 6 years ago one of the first things we got to work on was the garden. Our garden is quite small, and it used to be totally concreated and paving slabbed with not a blade of grass in sight. We knew we wanted a greener garden and we also knew that we would eventually have a family so we needed to think about the best way to utilise our small garden.


Loosing my voice  |  Blog

I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now and I’ve developed a bit of a love/hate relationship with it to be honest. You may have noticed that recently the blog has been quite, then again you may not have noticed at all because social media pages seem to be blogs now too and I’m still active there. I’m currently in a bit of a hate phase and it’s concerning as I don’t seem to be coming out of it. It’s like I’ve lost my voice and haven’t been able to find it.


Baby shark toys  |  Review 

Note - we were sent these toys for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own.

Who knew that 3 little words could become an overnight internet sensation...

Baby shark do do do do do do...

Find me a parent that doesn’t know this catchy song from the opening jaw theme tune esque music! Find me a child or toddler that doesn’t love baby shark! I think you’ll be hard stretched as there is something about that little yellow shark that has anyone under the age of 6 hooked! My two boys are no exception. Pickle knows all the words and dance moves and Smidge starts to bop along as soon as he hears the song! So when I was asked if we wanted a couple of the new Baby Shark toys to try out I obviously jumped at the chance. I’ve also been lucky enough to be able to give one of the Baby Shark toys away to someone so keep reading to find out how to be in with a chance to win!!

We were very kindly gifted the Baby Shark Let’s Go Hunt game and the Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle and the boys loved them both. The baby shark game is like a traditional fishing game which has 4 fishing rods and lots of little fishes that pop up whilst you try to catch them with the rod. It may sound like any other fishing game but this is a Baby Shark fishing game so it plays the Baby Shark song whilst you fish! This game is great for little ones to practice their fine motor skills and also encourages sharing and taking turns which is always a bonus with any games. Music is key with these toys as the puzzle also plays the Baby Shark song but this one sings all the different character parts when you put them in their spaces. The puzzle pieces are nice and chunky which is great for younger children and they fit well into their spaces.

I’m giving one lucky person the chance to win their very own Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle. Just click the link below to enter.

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Dealing with the unexpected | Blog

Did you know that 3 in 5 people wouldn’t be able to pay an unexpected bill of £300 if it ever cropped up? Think about your own situation...do you have any financial security should something unexpected happen? It can be so hard when you are a parent to juggle finances and spin all the other plates that you have. A lot of new Mums either reduce their hours once they've had a baby or they can't go back to work at all due to childcare costs which is great as they get more time with their babies but it does add some financial pressure. It feels like times are getting harder and life is getting more expensive so it's no surprise that so many people have to budget to within their last few pounds. But what do you do when the unexpected happened? Where can you go when you have that surprise bill come through the door? I've got a few tips that may make things a little easier.