Smart Tactics To Keep The Family Dog Happy Once Baby Arrives | Collaboration

When a mini human turns up in what was otherwise a quiet home, it can be a hecking big change for a dog. In
fact, it can mean their whole world changes. Of course, most dogs welcome mini-humans with an enthusiasm
only they can muster. Although, there are some strategies you can use to make the transition that little bit easier
for all concerned. Read on to find out what they are. 

Get them used to the changes beforehand

Many changes can happen in a household when a new baby comes home. Of course, at least a few of these
will affect your family dog. Happily, some of these changes can be implemented before the birth, giving your pup
time to get used to them. 

For example, if you plan to keep your dog out of the nursery, put up a door gate beforehand. Otherwise, if your
dog is used to having a free run of the house, they may struggle to understand why they are suddenly being
denied access. 

Additionally, if you need to change walk times to allow your SO to take the dog out once they come home from
work, try and do this a few weeks ahead of time. It should make it easier for your dog to adapt, and ensure
you have to deal with the minimum of stress as well. 

Stock up on their favourite food and treats 

Next, to make sure things go as smoothly as possible with your pet, once the new baby arrives be sure to stock
up on their favourite food like the products made by James Wellbeloved, ahead of time. Oh, and don't forget to
include a few of their favourite treats either! 

After all, there will be some significant changes happening in the home, including having to share their space
with a tiny screaming human. Therefore the more things you can keep constant, the more comfortable you
can make the transition on your pet. 

Create a quiet place they can escape to 

Babies are loud, and as your dog's hearing is sensitive, this can be an issue when you first bring your little one
home. To resolve this, it is a good idea to have a space that your dog can use when they need to be quiet and

To that end, a dog bed placed in a quiet area, as far away from the nursery usually works the best and can help
to keep Fido as happy as possible. Even if your baby is having a tantrum!

Discuss who will take responsibility for your dog 

Lastly, in the interest of keeping things as consistent as possible decide who in the family will be taking
responsibility for your dog, while mum's time and attention is taken up with a newborn. 

In fact, the sooner you can hand this over the better. The reason being that once again, it will allow your pup
to get used to things, and make sure they do not have too much change to cope with once the baby is born
and comes home.

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