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Note: This is a collaborative post. 

It feels like I've blinked and summer is over. I'm already missing the hot weather light evenings and summer days spent in the garden. One thing we did a lot of this summer was crafting. Pickle loves nothing more that to get busy with paints, pens and glue. It really has a creative mind and I love being able to enjoy crafting with him. I also love that it takes him away from the TV and the ipad and gives him a chance to let his imagination run free. Summer is the perfect time for crafting, in my opinion, because you can get in the garden and not have to worry about the mess being in the house. But, just because summer has ended doesn't mean that the crafting fun has to as well.

Rainbow Chalk recently shared their 6 top creative crafting activities for summer and I couldn't help but think about how great they would be to do at any time of year! All of the craft activities are easy to do as they don't need any special tools and they can be done in under 30 minutes so I thought I'd share my favorites with you. 

DIY Dreamcatchers
For those who might want something a bit more challenging or a craft that you can do indoors, you should try making a dreamcatcher. While this requires more technical skills, including using a hot glue gun and being able to create detailed yarn patterns, the end product is one that deserves to be hung in the bedroom!

Plant Pot Makeover
If you have some plain plant pots in the garden, this crafty project will be perfect for you and your kids to give them a makeover. You can coat the plant pot with chalk paint, turning it into a canvas for your kids’ imagination to run wild and decorate it with colourful liquid chalk pens, adding a hint of personality to the pots. You could also pot some simple herbs to grow on the kitchen window so they you can still stay green fingered even during the winter. 

So there you have it. A few super easy, super fun craft ideas that mean you can still keep crafting even as the summer fades away.

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